Lifestyle habits

New Positive Lifestyle Habits

Just like most people, I have a never ending list of things I’d like to do more of / less of / better, etc.! And it seems this year, I’ve finally started ticking some of those things off the list.  Now we’re half way through February, it feels like they are no longer just new year fads, but things I have added to my routine.  New habits that I plan to keep up.  They’ve all definitely had a positive impact and I thought I’d share them with you to maybe inspire you to do the same.

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2017 – Plans and Hopes and This Blog

This time last year, this blog was at its most ‘successful’. In that, I mean I was posting regularly, sometimes three times a week. And I was loving writing and always had ideas for blog posts swimming round my head.

Fast forward to the end of the year, and it’s easy to see the blog has dwindled. I barely post at all any more. I wouldn’t say I’ve fallen out of love with it. More that, returning to my business after maternity leave with Sienna has lead to me throwing myself in to building that back up again at the cost of this blog.  This blog was only ever a hobby. Something I enjoyed doing, when I had the time. And over pregnancy and the baby months, I seemed to have a greater need for that release than I do now.

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The Day Sienna Fell Down The Stairs

I remember the day before Ella turned two.  And she ran out in to a busy road.  Thankfully, nothing happened, the traffic stopped, but it took me a while to calm down.  I blogged about it (you can read the post here) and it really helped me to get over what happened, getting it down in writing.

Yesterday, something happened that I similarly feel the need to release as it is playing on my mind A LOT!

In our old house, we never bothered with stair gates when Ella was a little explorer.  The stairs were in our lounge area, so we could pretty much see when she was heading up.  And, until we thought she was confident enough, we would go up with her, holding her hand or standing behind her ready to catch.  We didn’t have a stair gate at the top either.  It just wouldn’t fit on our banister.  She was soon great at coming down on her bum too.  And she never fell.

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I’ve Stopped Eating Sugar

Ok, so the title is a little misleading.  I kind of have and kind of haven’t stopped eating sugar.  But I have made some big changes, and I thought I’d tell you about them!

I’ve always liked setting myself little challenges.  I love the idea of a monthly challenge, and have done them in the past.  But, have lagged a bit recently with ‘challenge Sam’!!  I noticed that I was slowly eating more and more sugar.  I was craving it.  I don’t get enough sleep, work hard, exercise, mother, and all that, and I just felt exhausted all the time and was reaching for the easiest thing to give me a boost – sugar!

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Siblings (October ’16)

I feel that in a lot of ways, the relationship between Ella and Sienna hasn’t really changed that much since Sienna was a tiny baby.  They both love each other immensely.  Like some crazy bond, that only blood can bring.  They really are a unit.  It’s not just about time spent together.  There’s something more to it than that.  Some primal need to be near each other, but just far enough away too!

One thing that hasn’t really changed in any of my siblings posts since Sienna was born, is how we need to constantly remind Ella to be gentle with her.  I thought at first it was about Ella learning the fragility of a baby, when she was really only one herself, still being 1 when Sienna was born.  But it really hasn’t changed.  She’s still rough with her!  So, I wonder if it is actually just Ella’s nature.  She loves her so fiercely that she wants to squeeze her and squeeze her and squeeze her.  To the point where she isn’t really hearing Sienna’s cries to be released, that escalate and escalate.  If I’m in another room and can hear Sienna crying, I can almost guarantee that it is because Ella has a grip of her!

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Where Have I Been?

This blog has been pretty quiet over the last few months.  I thought I’d be able to pick it back up a bit more now Ella is at preschool and I have my non-working mornings to myself, while Sienna naps, before we head to pick up Ella.

But those mornings have been spent working.  I’m doing a big push on my business at the moment.  I’ve always worked towards the ‘work less for more’ approach with my business.  I want to spend time with the girls while they are young, but I also want my business to be a ‘success’ and for me to be a key person of influence in my industry.  And this, of course, does require some time.  I work two full days a week typically.  Some weeks, I work more and Sienna goes for an extra day to nursery, and Ella spends the afternoon after pre-school at nursery too.  But mostly, I work Tuesdays and Thursdays.  And the rest of the week I play at being a mum!

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Feeding a Toddler On The Go With #MamiaDaysOut

I swear my kids are bottomless pits!  They can eat and eat and eat, and still demand more!  I feel like I’m forever trying to figure out the best snacks to give them that keep them going for longer, while still being healthy.

We were really pleased to try out the Mamia range from Aldi.  This award winning 100% organic baby food range starts at just 59p, so it’s really affordable and great for on the go too.  And I’ve discovered it definitely isn’t just for babies.  Not only does Sienna (1 year old) love the range, but Ella (3 years old) does too.  In fact, our hamper of goodies was quickly pounced on by Ella, and she had a fruit pot open and eaten before I had put any of the food away!!

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starting preschool

You Started Pre-School

Ella, you’re in your third week of preschool now, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to just let you know how super super proud I am of you and how you’ve handled your first foray in to the world of school!

From the moment you found out you’d be going to ‘school’, you were so excited!  You mentioned it all the time, but never actually asked when it would be happening.  Then, when we told you that you would be starting that Monday, you were beside yourself with excitement!

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Picnic In The Park With smarTrike #SmartDiscoveries

Sienna is at an age where she is absorbing everything.  I’d love to see the world through her innocent eyes, and to take in everything around me with the same wonder!

Over the summer, Ella went to nursery for an extra day to help prepare her for preschool.  They are usually both in childcare at the same time, so it was really lovely to get to spend some one-on-one time with Sienna, which I haven’t really done since she was a baby.  Every Wednesday, over the summer, would be mine and Sienna’s day.  And luckily the weather was usually good enough for us to get out with the dog for a long walk.  Because we didn’t have Ella with us, we didn’t need the option of the buggy board for a 3 year old who has the habit of wanting to hop on when walking gets too much.  So we were chuffed to receive a Explorer 5-in-1 smarTrike for Sienna to see the world from a new perspective, to take in more around her, and to enjoy her dog walk in a new set of wheels.

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Kidloland Toddler App

Ella is a bit of an iPad addict.  She’s never really been in to the telly, but is very happy with an iPad in her hand.  I can’t deny, it’s been handy during Sienna’s first year, on times when I’ve needed to focus on her and distract an energetic toddler.

So, it helps when her iPad activity is educational, rather than just distractional!  Ella has been trying out the Kidloland App.  The app comes with lots of different activities, games, stories and nursery rhymes to keep toddlers entertained.  It helps teach phonics, numbers, animals, days and months and puzzle solving.  And Ella loves it!  It’s easy for her to use on her own, without my input, though I’ve also enjoyed helping her out with the different activities.  And I’m sure I will see an improvement in her learning through the use of the app.

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