2015….The Year Of…

New Year brings resolutions. It’s hard not to focus on the opportunity of a ‘fresh start’. We think back to all the things we could have achieved in 2014 and didn’t, so assign them to this year instead.

And so, I too have resolved to do things I didn’t quite manage last year.

Last year I was definitely at my fittest. This time last year I could run 10k. I was doing weekly boot camp sessions and really toning up. Now I’m pregnant, I’ve really brought the exercise to a stand still. Now I’ve got rid of all the illnesses that have plagued the first half of my pregnancy, I’m definitely going to start doing some gentle exercise.

I’m also going to put my phone down more. The dawn of the smartphone has been fab, but I do think it has resulted in our phones living permanently in our hands. Mine’s being put down more. I took up crochet at the end of last year as a means to do something other than look at my phone, and so far I’m loving it! I’m not a creative type at all usually, so it’s really nice to make stuff, especially for others!

I definitely want to stop wasting time watching telly, unless it’s something I really enjoy watching.  I don’t really watch it all that much, but feel frustrated if I give attention to something on there that just bores me!  I want to read more. In fact last night I had my first bath since I was in labour with Ella. I’m more of a shower person but thought it would give me some quiet space to read. I only lasted 15 minutes, but I enjoyed it never the less!

I also want to play more with Ella. Especially up until May, after which it will be harder to do with a newborn ever present! But I’m definitely going to try and keep this up after baby is born too. It’s sometimes too easy to let her entertain herself while I get on with things that could easily be done after she’s gone to bed, especially if I watch less TV!

And there’s probably loads of other things I’d like to achieve personally this year but I think this list is long enough for now. It could be worth reviewing this every month and adding more to it!

Overall, I just want me and all my family to be happy. Cos that’s really all we need!!

Ella on the first day of 2014 and the first of 2015! A lot changes in a year!

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