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A Day With Only One Child

Yesterday, I had a very very rare day with only one child.

Ella went on a nursery trip to the farm.  She doesn’t usually go to nursery on a Monday, so it was a change to our usual routine, but a very welcome one!  When Sienna was born, Ella continued to go to her nanna’s one day a week, and nursery another day a week.  I got a good bit of one-on-one time with my little newborn.

I can’t really remember those days now, but I do know they weren’t what I’d call easy!  Sienna was an unsettled baby.  And so our days, just us two, were spent with me trying to settle her, as were our days as a three!  I was struggling from sleep deprivation, and any moment I could get, I would snooze.

Then Sienna started going to her nanna’s and to nursery at the start of the year.  And I started back working on the business.  The days that they weren’t in childcare were days spent with me, and with Sean come the weekend.  While there have been times when I’ve had a couple of hours just with Sienna, it’s been a good while since it’s just been us two for the day.

It really opened my eyes to how different life with just one is.  I can barely remember the days of only having one child now.  But I got flashbacks yesterday to a far more peaceful existence!!  Sienna slept for a whole three hours in the morning!!  I got so much work done, and it felt great to do a chunk of work on a ‘non-working’ day.  In the afternoon, we walked the dog, cleaned the bathroom, hoovered, did a load of washing, and even had a bit of chill out time.  I can’t believe how much more I could squeeze out of the day!

And then we picked up Ella.  She was exhausted after a brilliant day out with her friends.  She was moody, very moody!  She yelled at me to put her shoe back on because she wanted to take it off!! I was thrown straight back in to mothering a toddler and a nearly toddler!  She got a bit antsy with Sienna, and I reminded her that Sienna had missed her all day.  She gave Sienna a big hug and a kiss, and told her that she loved her so much.  It’s worth it, it’s so worth it!!  I might not ever get anywhere near as much done as I’d like to.  But it’s not as important as the most important job I have right now!

It did give me a bit of an insight into how life is kind of going to become.  Ella starts doing an extra day at nursery in July, while Sienna will be home with me that day.  And she then starts pre-school every morning in September.  I’m really hoping that Sienna continues to be a morning napper, and that I get the time in the morning to get stuff done, and an afternoon with both little beauties to have adventures!

It was a really nice day.  Nice to get some one-on-one time with Sienna, to have an easy dog walk with no dawdling toddler, to get jobs done that are difficult to do when both girls are here, and to get three hours business stuff done.  But I did miss my little chatterbox.  Life with my two minis is definitely the winner!

one child day


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