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A New Blogging Direction

I’ve found myself recently thinking of more blog posts that are not particularly children related.  This blog has been very much a parenting blog since the day it was created.  I’ve used it to talk about both my pregnancies, the baby days, the toddler months, things we’ve done as parents, things that have worked, things that haven’t.  And I do love writing about all that, especially as it forms a huge part of my life.

Since having Sienna, I feel more ‘mum’ than I ever have before!  My life is certainly more dominated by my children, as it should be.  But, I’m finding I want to be me a lot more too.  When I only had Ella, I had a lot more time to be me.  Her naptime was my time.  At the weekends, she could spend time playing with her dad while I got stuff done, or nipped out somewhere.  She slept through the majority of nights, so I had a good rest.

Now, with two children, there is much less time for me and much less resting, especially as Ella now doesn’t nap and typically both girls wake in the night.  It’s left me feeling a bit…forgotten I guess, for want of a better word.

This little bit of space I have on the internet has become so important to me over the last few years.  It’s grown lots, I’m getting more and more readers, and I crave writing!  At the moment, we have no internet in our new home (BT Engineer due tomorrow so everything crossed for being online very soon!).  I’ve not posted anywhere near as much as usual, and I miss it.  I’ve been thinking about posts I want to do.  And I realised, very few of them are actually about the children or parenting.

And so, I’m going to change blog direction very slightly.  Yes, all the parenting stuff will still be there.  But I’m going to add more in of things I fancy talking about.  It could be beauty or interiors or work or my thoughts on the EU Referendum (haha!!  Kidding!!  I don’t think I could even put a paragraph together about this, let alone a whole post!).  This blog will now be a parenting & lifestyle blog.

Once we have the internet, I’m also going to start vlogging!  Argh!!  I’m pretty nervous, but have been doing a few for my business, so getting used to talking to camera.  Again, I want my vlogs to be more lifestyle than solely parenting.

So, I really hope you enjoy my new direction.  I know I definitely will!

Blog Change


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