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ASPACE Bedtime Book

Ella LOVES books!!  Of course, at only 2 and a half years old, she can’t read them herself.  But she is forever bringing books over to us and asking us to read them.  And she’s reaching the age now where she has memorised the words from many of her favourite books, and I often pause and she fills in the gaps!  She loves looking at the pictures too, and pointing out things that I probably wouldn’t have spotted.  And every night before she goes to bed, she demands we read her a book in bed!  It’s such a lovely tradition to uphold, and for her to carry on herself when she’s able to read on her own.

So when children’s furniture specialists ASPACE asked us to get involved in their campaign to find the perfect bedtime book, how could we possibly say no?!  In partnership with The Great British Bookshop, they picked 10 of the most-loved children’s bedtime stories for us to review.


Well, of course, Ella was so excited to have new books to read.  Surprisingly, it was only The Gruffalo that we already had, so it was fab to receive all these great new books to delve in to with her.

After bath time and with pyjamas on, I asked Ella to pick a book from the selection.  She automatically went for I Wish I’d Been Born a Unicorn.  Ella loves horses, so I think this was definitely her reason for picking this book over any of the others.  I love the message within this book, that friends will like you just as you are, and learning to love yourself.  We’ve read it so many times since, and it’s become a bedtime favourite.  It also really helps settle Ella off to the land of nod!

As part of the campaign, ASPACE interviewed Rachel Lyon, the author of I Wish I’d Been Born a Unicorn, and found out her thoughts on what makes the perfect bedtime book.  You can read her thoughts here.

ASPACE Bedtime Book

Another favourite of both mine and Ella’s, is The Tiger Who Came to Tea.  It’s such a classic book, about when a tiger came to tea and ate all the food in the house!  I don’t particularly feel the overall message was valuable to Ella.  She was more enthralled with the pictures of the tiger!  But again, it’s become a bedtime favourite, with her asking for ‘the tiger book’!

Of course, you really can’t beat The Gruffalo when it comes to brilliant illustrations and a fab story of the tiny mouse overcoming all the bigger animals, and The Gruffalo itself!  Ella loves this story.  She’s watched the film a couple of times too, and it’s always cute to hear her trying to say ‘Gruffalo’!!  She follows the story with ease and points out the different animals as we go, and looks suitably scared when the Gruffalo turns out to be real!!

The one book she seems to pick up and read herself is I Will Not Ever Never Eat a Tomato.  I think it is probably because it is hardback and easy for Ella to turn the pages herself and follow the story through the pictures.  It’s a great message about getting children to eat their vegetables too, though Ella has never had an issue eating tomatoes!!

ASPACE Bedtime Book


I’m sure these books will continue to be favourites in our collection for a long time, along with the other books ASPACE sent to us.  In all honesty, we loved all the books, and can definitely see why they’re the top ten bedtime books!!

Do you love book at bedtime too?  The Great British Bookshop are offering all our readers 10% off their books by entering the code BEDTIME at checkout!

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Thank you to ASPACE for including us in this campaign, and sending the books to review, plus some bedtime goodies!  All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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