Turn Brush-Time Into Fun-Time This Red Nose Day

I’ve become very conscious of my dental hygiene recently.  I floss nightly, use interdental brushes and make sure I brush my teeth for two minutes both morning and night.  And it’s made me think even more about the health of the girls’ teeth.    Research has shown that Brits only brush their teeth for an average of 45 seconds each time.  And I’d be surprised if the girls even do it for that long.  Sienna will happily chew her toothbrush for ages, but when it comes to brushing, it’s a different matter.

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twistshake bottle

Twistshake Baby Bottle Giveaway

I love innovation when it comes to baby products, and companies that seek to resolve issues that parents face!

One issue we’ve definitely come up against, particularly when using anti-reflux formula, is lumps forming when mixing milk.  These lumps then get stuck in the teat, and all hell breaks loose when the baby can’t get their creamy nectar!!

The Twistshake bottle resolves this issue, and is created by an innovative Swedish company.  The bottles have a super-mixer that removes any formula lumps.  The bottles are made from BPA-free polypropylene plastic and come with an anti-colic nipple (without a doubt an essential!).  Plus, they include a powder box for formula, or snacks down the weaning line!

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gas safety week

Gas Safety Week Competition

gas safety week

Since the schools started back after the summer break, it really feels like summer is over!  And this morning I put my heating on for the first time (mainly because Ella is going bareback while we master potty training, and it’s just too cold for that!).

Gas safety is so important, but I feel it is more so with kids in the house.  Ella has just discovered the gas knobs on our cooker, and I’m forever going in to check she hasn’t turned them on!  And this is the time that issues with boilers usually become apparent, after the heating has (hopefully!) remained off over the summer months.  If you do need an engineer to come out and check over or repair your boiler, Corgi have released this article for Gas Safety Week (14th to 20th September) to highlight what you need to look out for to ensure your own gas safety.

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Argos toys tea party

Argos Toys Tea Party Competition

What small child (and big child, and well, me!) doesn’t enjoy a tea party?!  When Argos asked us to host a toys tea party competition, we were more than happy to oblige!

Ella’s toys tea party had a pink theme.  And this extended to the guests, all being from the Barbie range!

We decorated the kitchen table with a pink spotty table cloth, heart doilies, pink bunting and pink napkins!  Ella was loving it before the guests even arrived!

And no party is complete without a bit of music!  Our soundtrack was Disney classics!  Plus the soundtrack of an embarrassing mum singing along…!!

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