Ordinary Moments #13 – Birthday Fun

Last week I turned 30!!  You can read more about how I felt about it and reminiscing on my twenties by clicking here.

I didn’t expect to really celebrate it much.  To me, celebrating and drinking go hand in hand!  But at 8 months pregnant, that wasn’t really an option!  So, it was a sober sedate celebration!

Me and Sean took a trip to London a few weeks ago as his birthday present to me and to celebrate.  So I really didn’t have any expectations at all for the week.

But it turned in to a fab week!

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The Ordinary Moments #3 – It’s Cold Up North

This weekend we headed up further north to Morpeth in the North East to see my best mate and her husband.

I love getting away from the house at the weekend. It really feels like you’ve had a break! And at the moment, we’re doing the house up in a few places and it’s taking up our evenings and it can be a bit of a mess. So it was good to get away from it all, and to get inspired to do more of it this week!

We left Saturday morning for the nearly 3 hour drive. Ella slept most of the way there and on the way home Sunday lunchtime, which saved a lot of in-car entertainment needs!!

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Bye bye to my young fun life!

Ok, maybe a bit of a dramatic title for this blog!  I know that the fun life isn’t over, it’ll be back in a few months time!  Though it will never really be the same again!

I’ve not really struggled with the lack of alcohol, which really surprises me!  Pre-pregnancy, I was definitely a drinker!  I loved weekends out, and even some weekdays.  I’m only 27 after all!  So, it shocked me when I had no problem in saying bye to alcohol.  I’ve had the odd urge to have a drink.  But once I give in to it and treat myself to a small drink (which has only happened three times so far!), I only last a couple of sips and then realise I don’t want it (probably mixed with a bit of guilt that I shouldn’t be drinking it!)!

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