Summer Days, Jumpoline and #EnjoyMoreWater

I’m loving the summer so far.  I really think summer days come more alive when you have young kids.  Mine have been in the garden constantly since the sun started showing its head a bit more.  We leave the back doors open in the kitchen and living room, and they’re in and out constantly.

One thing in particular that has proved a hit this summer was choosing to get a trampoline (or ‘jumpoline’ as Ella insists on calling it!!).  Ella is forever leaping up and down on it, or running round in circles.  And throwing her baby sister around with her jumps!  Sienna can’t walk yet, but she will crawl all over the trampoline, and lie down enjoying being bounced around by her sister!  They also love to load it up with all their toys, and spend ages on there playing with them!

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Oribel Peripop

Oribel Peripop Foxey Review

I love things for kids that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional too.  And the ORIBEL Peripop Foxey is definitely that!

The Peripop can be used as a playmat or blanket.  AND, it can be stuffed with soft toys, blankets, clothes, or whatever you want to, to create a pop up cushion too!

The Peripop Foxey is a really sweet design, and you can use it either way round.  The fox head can either by awake or asleep, depending which way round you have it, and the body can be orange or a funky mustard chevron design.

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Freddy the Bear

Argos Top Toys for Christmas – My Friend Freddy Bear

Ella is just like her mum.  She’s not really in to the telly.  I can’t plonk her in front of Cbeebies while I get my jobs done.  Instead, she loves a bit of tech!  If she gets her hands on my phone, before I’ve locked it, somehow she’s on YouTube watching surprise eggs being opened, without me putting it on for her!  And she loves playing on the iPad!

So, when Argos asked us to pick a toy to try out from the Toy Toys for Christmas 2015, it had to be the My Friend Freddy Bear, because what 2.5 year old doesn’t love a soft cuddly bear?!

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Changing Seasons

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I always feel a bit funny when the seasons change. I’m sure there’s some spiritual-type explanation about the moon and such like! 

As we move in to Autumn, I just feel exhausted.  I always feel tired, as you do with a baby and a toddler. But at the moment, it’s different. Like I feel exhausted throughout my body. I don’t want to do anything. I kind of just want to hibernate.

I don’t want to cook. In fact, the thought of cooking is filling me with dread! I want to just eat something comforting and carby, like buttery toast, for every meal! I usually really suffer with cabin fever, but right now I don’t want to go anywhere.

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staying in

The Ordinary Moments #37 – Staying Indoors

Since having Sienna, our weeks are pretty routine.  Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I have both girls all day.  Tuesday, Ella goes to her nanna’s, and Thursday she goes to nursery.

This week we started potty training on Monday.  So far so good on that front (update on that here… Potty training has now stopped since writing this post!!)! But one thing I decided was that I really wanted to get it somewhat cracked before we took the brave steps beyond the house!  I figured Ella would have her day at her nanna’s and at nursery to give her a bit of a break from our four walls.

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The Ordinary Moments #12 – Pretend Play

One thing I remember distinctly from my psychology degree was pretend play in child development.

It’s such an important part in them understanding the world around them, replicating actions they’ve seen others take, and something we should definitely encourage as parents.

I can’t remember the age at which Ella really started pretend playing.  It was definitely before her 1st birthday.  I remember asking a friend to buy her a toy mobile phone for her birthday, because she loved picking up ours and saying hiya and babbling away as if she was chatting to someone.

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My Big Respect for SAHMs

I’m so lucky to be able to spend 5 days a week with Ella.  But do I ever need those 2 working days!!

I was very much driven to start my own business so I could be in the position I am now, being a mum the majority of the time, but also being able to have a career.

Now I’ve been balancing the two for the past year, I’ve realised how perfectly it works for me!  I absolutely love my days with Ella.  I just can’t imagine now working full time and not getting to spend as much time with her.  It’s great to be able to take her to playgroups, to help her learn and develop and to build our bond together.

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A Day at the Beach

Since having Ella, we’ve really started making more of our weekends.  Lie ins are no more, so the day can be pretty boring if you stay in all day!

The trouble comes in finding something to do!  We usually end up doing something boring like going food shopping or visiting people (not as boring as shopping!), so we’ve started really trying to plan out some trips.

As the summer has been lovely so far, we decided to head to the beach last Saturday.  Our beach of choice was Formby!

It’s not Ella’s first time to the beach.  She went when she was 6 weeks old.  But it’s her first time as a walking, all experiencing, toddler!  And Ned definitely loves the beach too!

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Summer Lovin!

I’m absolutely loving this summer so far! Ella is now walking (albeit somewhat drunkenly!) and has really emerged in to a small child!  She’s got loads of character, and is constantly wanting to be doing something new!

Gone are the days where we could head out for dinner and she’d enjoy just sitting there!  She instantly wants to be out of the highchair as soon as she’s finished eating!

And her current favourite spot is definitely the garden! We’ve just made some changes to our garden.  The first section used to be decked.  But it was so slippy and mossy.  Ella would be filthy as soon as she went on it.  And both me and Sean have fallen over numerous times on it in the winter.  I did it when I was pregnant, which wasn’t great! So, we decided the decking was going!  Which left us with an area to change.

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