Work At Home Mum/Stay At Home Mum

When Sean and I set up our first business, back when I was 24 years old, one of the big drivers for us was not money, but FREEDOM!

We soon realised it wasn’t all that easy!  Things evolved a lot and have done over the last few years, with Sean now working as a site agent in construction.  And now, my main business is social media training and speaking.  I train businesses in the use of platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to help them grow their business, and speak about social media at business events throughout the UK.

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What to do during nap times?!

Napping in her pram - about 2 weeks old!
Napping in her pram – about 2 weeks old!

Ella’s always had a pretty good nap schedule.  As a newborn, that’s really all they do!  Nap and feed!

I think at around 6 weeks old she went on to a more structured nap routine of about 3 a day.  And, at that age, they were long ones!

I can’t remember when it happened, I’m guessing around 6 months old, Ella moved on to two naps a day.

At the time though, she wasn’t all that mobile and, as a result, not exhausted enough to sleep for long!

Now, at 10 months old, she’s still on two naps a day.  If we’re in the house, it’s usually an hour and a half in the morning, about 9am ish (depending on what time she gets up!) and she can go up to 2 hours in the afternoon at about 1pm ish!  Crawling and climbing and learning lots of new things definitely tires her out!

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Hi ho, hi ho, it’s back to work I go…Kind of…!!

The beginning of 2014 didn’t just mark the start of a new year.

It also marked my return to work!

Ella is 6 months old now, and I’ve loved spending almost every minute with her over those 6 months.  I love my work, but this has honestly been the best job I’ve ever had!

As I work for myself, I’ve not been completely out of work.  I had my first full day back working when Ella was 2 months old, but didn’t do another full day for another 6 weeks!!  And, I’ve had to check in every day with my emails.   Luckily I have a fab team who have been answering all my emails for me (and will continue to do so, seeing as it’s working so well!), but there are the obvious queries that they’ve got to run past me first!

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An Update!! Work done, big baby, emotions, being active and getting ready!!!!

I’ve realised I’ve not posted on here for ages, and it’s mainly because things have been a bit hectic!!

I finished ‘work’ on Friday.  As I work for myself, there’s not really an end date when it comes to maternity leave, but I did really need a date when I stopped booking in training delivery.  So, I’m now appointment free!  But I am still working from home for a few hours a day!

I’m now only 2.5 weeks away from due date!  And baby may come even sooner!

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Maternity Leave

One of the big disadvantages of running your own business is that you don’t really get maternity leave!!

A few people have been asking me when I’ll be finishing work, and the honest answer is that it’ll be the day the baby arrives!!  Then I’ve got the dilemma of when to go back to work!  When you work for someone else, it’s easy to have that distance.  When you work for yourself, your office is there all the time and the temptation to get stuck back in!

So, I’ve decided I need to be strict with myself in the time I’m going to take off.  It’ll be business as usual for the next couple of months, then I’m going to start to ‘slow down’ in the last month and work from home more!  A lot of the work in this time will be preparing so I can take time off and have nothing to do when the baby arrives!

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