Back to School with Hartleys No Added Sugar Jelly Pots

And, just like that, the summer seems to be coming to an end!  And parents all over the UK are quickly trying to get organised for back to school.  And this year, that includes me!  Ella will be starting pre-school next week.  While it’s not ‘big school’ just yet, it does signal the start of the daily school run, and a big change for Ella.  She can’t wait!

Ella will actually be having school dinners at pre-school.  But I’m sure the thought of having to fill lunchboxes is making many a parent come out in a cold sweat!  Especially when your aim is to get them to eat, and in doing so, eat the healthiest things possible.  Which is where the Hartleys No Added Sugar Jelly Pots come in super handy!!!

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Holidaying in Europe and Our Future Dreams

Sometimes, it’s too easy to look for the sun.  Especially when the weather is as grim as it is right now (who stole Spring?!).  We often dream about heading to Spain or Portugal, getting a bit of heat on our faces and sun on our backs.  But all too often, once we’re there, it’s the exploring we enjoy more.

I love that holidaying in Europe gives you a bit of both.  There’s the promise of all day sun in the Mediterranean.  And then there’s the beautiful cities to explore too – Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, and so, so many more.

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Protecting Children’s Teeth from Acid Erosion

There are a few tasks that I just don’t enjoy as a parent – cutting nails, dealing with up-the-back attacks, and, teeth brushing!!!  Ella has struggled with teeth brushing since she has had teeth.  She hates it!  We’ve tried everything from playing toothbrushing songs to her while she brushes them, teaching her to do it herself rather than us doing it, and giving her lots and lots and lots of praise when she either allows us to do it or gets it right herself.

We seem to have finally hit a point where she will do some tooth brushing herself and then let me finish them off and make sure the job is done properly.  It’s such a relief as, no matter how much we’d like to limit naughties like sweets, cake and juice, they creep in to her diet more often than we’d like.  So, it’s really important that we do as much as possible to protect her cute little toothie pegs!

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welcome home

Welcome Home

Now I’m getting back in to work a bit, since having Sienna, and enjoying a bit more time to myself now and again, I finally get to experience a welcome home when I walk through the door, rather than being armed with both kids, car seats, the pram and whatever else we’ve needed for our journey out!

Having a dog means a welcome home is usually an excitable one!  Ned loves it when we get home.  He jumps all over us (not so great if I’m wearing tights or have bare legs!!!) and is so happy to see us!  It’s one of the blessings of having a dog, the reception they have for their owners on the return home.

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Budgeting After Baby

We were very lucky when Ella was born that so many family members had young families and were able to pass on lots of useful items and clothing.  It definitely saved us a lot of money!  We did make a few big purchases – pram, crib, cot, etc.  And all of these clothes and items have now been passed on to Sienna.  As such, I have made the odd splurge since having Sienna, as we haven’t had to make the usual baby outgoings.  Like a video monitor, which I probably wouldn’t have even considered after having Ella.

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gas safety week

Gas Safety Week Competition

gas safety week

Since the schools started back after the summer break, it really feels like summer is over!  And this morning I put my heating on for the first time (mainly because Ella is going bareback while we master potty training, and it’s just too cold for that!).

Gas safety is so important, but I feel it is more so with kids in the house.  Ella has just discovered the gas knobs on our cooker, and I’m forever going in to check she hasn’t turned them on!  And this is the time that issues with boilers usually become apparent, after the heating has (hopefully!) remained off over the summer months.  If you do need an engineer to come out and check over or repair your boiler, Corgi have released this article for Gas Safety Week (14th to 20th September) to highlight what you need to look out for to ensure your own gas safety.

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mindful eating

Giving Mindful Eating A Go

When you’ve first had a baby, eating fresh homemade and healthy food comes pretty far down the list of priorities!  It’s more of a grab something when you can kind of food relationship.  And the exhaustion often means those food choices are not thought through.

So now Sienna is 3.5 months old, I’ve really started to try and get my eating back on track, and make more healthy choices.  I was really interested to read this article from Legal and General about Mindful Eating for Better Living.  Mindful eating is all about really experiencing food, being aware of what you are eating and why you’re eating it.  It involves savouring your food – the different tastes. textures and smells.  It also means really thinking about what you want to eat.  Is yet another slice of toast really what you want?  And it involves being thankful for the food we are eating, where it has come from and the people who have helped it to grow and get to our plates.

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