Siblings October

What Did Parents Do Before….?

What did parents do before

I’m sure each generation of new parents could look back at those before them and marvel at how they coped without some of the modern luxuries available to them now.  But I really do think we’ve never had as many tools as parents as we do now!

So, just what did parents do before….

  1. Google

Can you imagine a parenting world without Google?  Who would we turn to in the wee small hours of the morning with our ‘how to get my baby to sleep through’ questions?  And how could we ever decide that our baby has *insert life threatening disease* thanks to Dr Google’s symptom sorter?!

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The Ordinary Moments #43 – Miss Independent

Ella is so independent.  She has been since she was a baby.  She’s never really shown much clinginess towards me. She’ll be a bit shy in new circumstances, and cling a little while she warms up and figures it out. Then she’s off!

As a baby, she would go to anyone. She would be comforted by anyone too. Of course, she loved a mummy cuddle, especially when poorly or tired, and still does, but she’s quite confident in being around others. I’m seeing a marked difference with Sienna, who very much wants her mummy when she needs comforting.

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maternity leave

Maternity Leave with Number Two


I’m really noticing how completely different maternity leave is this time round.

When Ella was a baby, I really enjoyed my maternity leave. Ella was one of those dream babies. Don’t get me wrong, she had her moments. But mostly she was pretty predictable in how each day would go, when she’d feed and when she’d sleep.

I run my own business, and when Ella was a baby, I started working again during my maternity leave, managing to get a few hours done every day while she was napping. I kept on top of the washing, as there were only three of us and her clothes were diddy. The house wasn’t taken over by toys, as baby Ella just had her play gym and a few small toys.

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toddler sleep

How We Fixed Toddler Bedtime

Ella has been out of her cot and in a toddler bed since around March. And the transition was a good one. She would maybe get out of bed once because she could, but would then bed down for the night.

A couple of months ago, that all changed. She wouldn’t stay put in bed. We have a stair gate across her room door and she would instantly get up and cry, shout, chatter, or bang at the gate.

Sienna was just settling in to going to bed at 7pm as well, so we made a big mistake in hindsight and did whatever we could to keep Ella quiet. This would often lead to her going to bed at about 7, but some nights not going to sleep until about 8.30. And there was the odd night one of us would stay with her til she fell asleep or we’d put the iPad on for her to fall asleep to. Bad habits I didn’t want to keep up!

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How We Cracked Potty Training (And How It Nearly Cracked Me!)

It’s official – Ella is potty trained!  Hurrah!!  So, I thought I’d write a post on how we/she did it, so you can learn from the successes and the failings!!

I’d say Ella has been ready for potty training for a while now.  The guidance I’ve always read is not to potty train at a certain age, but when the child is showing signs that they are ready.  And Ella was showing those signs.  She would take herself upstairs to the potty, take her bottoms and nappy off and sit on it!  She never produced anything in it, just sat there!  Then she started asking to go to the toilet when others were, though again she never did anything.  She progressed to actually doing something in both the potty and the toilet.

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Stopping Potty Training

The thing about blogging is you get to read a lot of posts on a similar subject. And you get to speak to a lot of people online who are going through or been through very similar experiences with their own children.

One thing that has stood out for me in reading posts about potty training, is that sometimes you have to know when now is not the right time.

Ella has definitely been showing signs she’s ready for potty training for a while. I would often find her upstairs sat on the potty having taken her nappy off.  She has done a wee in the toilet before and a #2 in the potty. And at nursery, she refused to wear a nappy one day and wanted to use the toilet like the big girls and boys.

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The Ordinary Moments #35 – Don’t Do That

Suddenly Ella is absorbing and using words like never before. She is stringing sentences together and answering questions too (though the typical answer is no unless it involves chocolate or ice lollies!)!

Her favourite phrase at the moment is ‘don’t do that’! I know that’s completely my fault as I realise now how often I say it to her. She’s at an age where she is really pushing the boundaries but also needs to learn right from wrong. Sometimes I have to tell her not to do things, though now she just says it back to me, so it very much feels like it has fallen on deaf ears!

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Getting Ready for Potty Training

I’m definitely of the view that there’s no right age to start potty training. Much like other milestones like crawling, walking and first words, all children will be ready for this one at different ages.

So, I never really had a plan as to when we would potty train Ella. I thought I’d wait for her to give me the heads up that she is ready. And now, at just over two years old, she’s been giving me that heads up for a while!

She’s had a potty for a while and has done a couple of poos in it. She’s also started requesting to go to the toilet. Just last night, she climbed on to the toilet and did a wee. She also doesn’t want to wear a nappy any more. She’s forever taking it off! She tells us when she needs a poo too, and points out that she’s doing a wee wee when in the bath!

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The Ordinary Moments #32 – This Too Shall Pass

If there’s one saying that you’ll hear time and again as a parent, it’s ‘this too shall pass’.  I’d never heard it before having Ella, and now hear it ALL THE TIME!!!

It’s become a bit of a parenting mantra during the tough times.  Yes, this is hard, but it won’t last forever, kind of thinking.  And it’s a saying that has gone through my head nearly every day since Sienna was born.

It started with the constant feeding, which is nothing short of exhausting.  It did pass though, and when I think about Sienna’s feeding pattern now, most days she’ll go 2.5-3 hours between feeds.  And the days of a feed taking at least half an hour are gone too.  She’s become a much more proficient feeder, and is done in around ten to fifteen minutes.  The result is that breastfeeding has become so much easier.  This has happened in the blink of an eye!  One day I’m stuck to the sofa, with only mini breaks between feeds, the next we have some sort of routine emerging. And I’d barely noticed it happening.

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Cosatto Woop

Cosatto Woop Travel System Review

You know you’ve got a good pram when it gets admired more than your baby (and I do have a particularly gorgeous baby!!)!

Cosatto Woop

Since we’ve been using the Cosatto Woop in Old Skool design, we’ve had so many compliments!  It is definitely stand out!  The funky Old Skool design is black and white comic strip/grafitti type imagery on the interior.  Perfect for newborn babies who are stimulated by black and white imagery.  And the hood and foot muff feature similar graffiti patterning, with splashes of bright red, yellow and blue spray paint.  With bright yellow straps and a bright red and blue chassis and wheels, it’s definitely very vibrant and funky!  The design is definitely one of the things I love most about our Cosatto Woop.  There’s no fluffy cuteness to it, which just isn’t me!  And it means Sean feels more than happy pushing it along too!

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