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Five Months Post-Partum Body Commitment

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It’s five months since I gave birth to Sienna.  Wow, have those five months flown!  Time seemed much slower when Ella was a baby, I guess because I only had the one to focus on and we had lovely blissful days of not doing much at all!  It’s much different with the second baby, with Ella’s presence definitely not allowing for quiet chilled days!

Straight after having Ella, I was about 7lb heavier than I was before getting pregnant.  It did take me 9 months to lose that 7lb, but I toned up pretty quickly too.  People thought I had lost much more weight than I had, as I was doing a lot of exercise and was not in too bad shape.

This time round, I was about a stone heavier after having Sienna than before getting pregnant.  And again, the weight itself is taking a bit of shifting.  I’m a few pounds down, but I think the difference this time is in the tone of my body.  It seems to be taking a lot longer to get toned.

I know I’m to blame for this.  I have good weeks, where I’m really in control of my diet.  But I seem to have more bad weeks, where the lack of sleep means I have little energy and I really don’t fancy healthy food and instead just crave carbs and sweet things.  I start the day right, with a healthy breakfast of berries and yoghurt, or scrambled egg on wholemeal toast.  And then it slips as the day goes on and the energy levels go down and down.

Exercise-wise, I’ve been going to bootcamp sessions twice a week.  Paying in advance for them means I feel duty bound to actually turn up and not waste my money, which is great.  They are really intensive tough sessions, but I feel I’m coping a bit better with them now than when I started 3 months ago.  I’ve also been out running a bit, and have got my distance back up to 6k so far.  I’m no long distance runner.  I’ve never managed (or attempted to be fair) a run further than 10k.  And I think that probably is my max distance for now, as I just find I get bored if I’m out running for too long.  I have been trying to go twice a week, but it just hasn’t happened.  I’m lucky to go once a week, but really it’s more like one every ten days.

Pretty much every day I lament at what my body looks like.  I know I’ve only recently had a baby, and second one at that, and to be a bit kinder to myself and my sleep deprived body.  But I also don’t want to create excuses, as I’d just feel happier if I was more toned up.  I certainly don’t want to be gaining more weight, and that is the one upshot that I’m lighter, even if only slightly, than I was after having Sienna.

I also know that eating healthily and doing more exercise will give me energy, rather than take more away from me.  So, I need to focus on that too.

I have recently started the Dr Joanne Helcke postnatal exercise program.  I’ll write a blog post very soon about starting that and what it involves.  I’m glad it’s specifically focused on the postnatal body, as that should allow me to focus on the areas that I really want to change.

So, I’m writing this really to make a commitment to myself.  I don’t want to feel uncomfortable with my body.  I know I’ll never be a size 8 and I’m more than cool with that.  I love my curves!!  I just want to feel more toned and healthier.  I’m going to post a few regular updates over the next few months to let you know how my toning mission is going.  I don’t feel confident enough to post a body shot right now, but will definitely do one when I feel that I’m happy with where my body is at!  In the meantime, here’s my inspiration.  It’s my body not long before getting pregnant with Sienna.  I was so proud of how much more toned it was, even if it still wasn’t the perfect body, and had posted this on Instagram, which really isn’t like me.  So, it is now my tone up inspiration.  This body will be mine once more…!!!

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  1. We all have good weeks and bad weeks and it’s hard to find balance in a very busy life of parenting. You look truly amazing after five months I still looked pregnant. You should be so proud of you. Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me. I hope to see you again tomorrow for another great round up and hope you have been enjoying the blog hop. #sharewithme

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