gas safety week

Gas Safety Week Competition

gas safety week

Since the schools started back after the summer break, it really feels like summer is over!  And this morning I put my heating on for the first time (mainly because Ella is going bareback while we master potty training, and it’s just too cold for that!).

Gas safety is so important, but I feel it is more so with kids in the house.  Ella has just discovered the gas knobs on our cooker, and I’m forever going in to check she hasn’t turned them on!  And this is the time that issues with boilers usually become apparent, after the heating has (hopefully!) remained off over the summer months.  If you do need an engineer to come out and check over or repair your boiler, Corgi have released this article for Gas Safety Week (14th to 20th September) to highlight what you need to look out for to ensure your own gas safety.

Carbon monoxide is definitely a silent killer.  It’s horrific when you hear stories of individuals or families being the victims of carbon monoxide poisoning.  And it could easily be prevented by having a carbon monoxide detector within the home.  We’ve had ours for a good while now (and luckily it has yet to make a sound), and it’s great to have that assurance that we’d be alerted to higher levels of carbon monoxide if they were present.

If you don’t have a carbon monoxide detector, then you definitely need to enter my competition to win one!

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30 thoughts on “Gas Safety Week Competition

  1. Friends of mine almost died on holiday. They were in hospital for 3 days and were not well for many weeks after. All due to a faulty flue and no monitor.

  2. Have always been concerned (especially after reports in papers) and with nieces and nephews planning visits, it is time I got safety right.

  3. Because gas kills, and my dad was admitted into hospital a few years back as he had a gas leek and was slowly poisoning himself !!

  4. You can’t take any chances with your loved ones. These devices might seem like an expensive luxury but they save lives. Thanks for publicising this and running this competition.

  5. Gas safety is important to me because my daughter is important to me and I wouldn’t want her to be harmed because I didn’t have a detector.

  6. An essential part of parenting is safety. Gas safety is one of the highest risk elements in the home and these devices alert parents to any danger..

  7. Colourless, tastless and odourless, carbon monoxide can be fatal, and all that is needed is a small detector to keep the family safe

  8. I remember the terrible story of those 2 children killed by carbon monoxide from a faulty boiler while on holiday in Greece. it really brought it home to me that a CO detector is a must.

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