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Getting Fit After Baby – With Dr Joanna Helcké


Exercise has always been important to me.  And it’s something that I really missed in both my pregnancies.  Looking back now, I really wish I had made more of an effort to exercise through them.  I’ve been ‘running’ for about the past 11 years, but didn’t manage to run for very far in to either pregnancy.  I also go to regular bootcamp type sessions and enjoy doing home workout DVDs.  But I just found these all a bit too intense when pregnant and exhausted!

So, I definitely have felt really unfit after both pregnancies.  It’s now five months since I had Sienna, and my fitness still feels like it has a long way to go.  Plus, I’d love for my body to be more toned.  My core is nowhere near as strong as it used to be, and I feel a bit ‘blobby’ for want of a better word!

I’m back doing my bootcamp sessions twice a week, plus the odd run, which is working out around every 10 days at the moment.  The thing I’m struggling with is what I can do with both girls in tow.  I take Sienna with me to the bootcamp sessions on the two days a week Ella is in childcare.  But I can’t take them running, which means waiting to the end of the day when Sean is home, when I just don’t have the energy!

So, I was really pleased when I was given the opportunity to try out Dr Joanna Helcké’s online postnatal fitness programme!

Dr Joanna Helcké is a prenatal and postnatal fitness expert, and she’s won lots of awards to back up her expertise!  Her online subscription service covers both pregnancy and postnatal fitness, and you can join at any time.  I’ve joined from 20 weeks postnatal, and it has still been really advantageous to me.  I really wish I’d joined during my pregnancy now, and had an achievable way of keeping my fitness up!

The weekly workouts are designed for the stage you are at, whether it’s two months pregnant, or two months postnatal, or anywhere in between or beyond!  The great thing is that, even though I joined the programme at 20 weeks postnatal, I can still go back over previous videos, so I’ve done a few of the earlier postnatal workouts as well!

The programme includes a weekly pilates based workout video.  Each move is well explained, and Dr Joanna gives different levels of difficulty, so you can work to your own fitness level.  I’ve found that I’ve been able to work to the highest level but have still been really challenged by them.  There’s also a few extras each week, such as meal plans, a mummy tummy mini workout, beat the bulge workouts, recipes and lots of other important postnatal guidance.  There’s a forum for members, with regular guest experts answering questions, as well as Dr Joanna, plus a private Facebook group.

I’ve only been doing the programme for a couple of weeks, but can definitely feel the difference in my fitness and ability to perform the exercises.  It’s great that I can stick it on in naptimes, rather than avoiding exercise due to lack of childcare.  And Ella has even joined in with me now and again!

I also suffered from sciatica during pregnancy, which has recently made a comeback.  I’m finding that strengthening my core is making a real difference in easing the pain, and I haven’t suffered anywhere near as much since starting the programme.

I’m going to keep up the programme, as well as the other bits of fitness I do, and I’ll update you in a couple of months as to the impact it’s had!

Dr Joanna Helcke


Thank you to Dr Joanna Helcke for the access to her online programme for the purpose of this and future reviews.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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