Him Indoors – Part 3

As it’s our 5th wedding anniversary, I thought it only right that I write something about Sean.  It turned in to a bit of an epic, so I’ve split it up into different posts!

You can read part 1 here, and part 2 here.

Here’s part 3….

We had no where to live and no jobs, so we were pretty free in what we could do.  We decided to live in the Isle of Man for a bit while we figured out next steps and planned our wedding.

It was a tough few months!  We were used to our freedom in Canada.  Instead we were back living with my parents with no car, and no real idea of what we were gonna do for money.

We quickly got ourselves a run around, and eventually our own place too.  I worked for a HR Consultant as her assistant.  Sean got a painting job to tide us over, while we worked out our future.

We ended up being evicted from our first flat!  The owner lived above us, which would never quite work out!  We had a piano that we’d gotten for free, as I was determined to start playing again.  One Saturday evening, around 7pm, Sean was messing around on the piano.  Probably for about 5 minutes in total.  The owner came down to complain, told us to stop it instantly.  Sean was pretty angry, shut the door and told her to leave us alone.  Next thing the police were at the door!!!!  They couldn’t believe she’d wasted their time and ended up giving her a warning for unreasonable behaviour!

A few days later she had to come in to the flat to look at something.  I’d just got home from work, Sean was still on his way back.  She had a go at me for a coffee cup being left on the coffee table, which Sean had left after leaving for work that morning!  And told me we were being evicted!  To be fair, I think we were pretty glad to see the back of her!

Our next home was a penthouse flat!  Sounds great, til you realise it was of a tall narrow Victorian building, and the flat was tiny!  The rest of the building was made of rooms and communal space, that were mainly taken up by people who had just been released from prison or who were not working!  It wasn’t the nicest of places to live, but it was cheap!  It saw us through to our wedding and our next step as a couple…


At Sean's sister's wedding a month before ours!  Rocking the red hair, but only for a short while!!
At Sean’s sister’s wedding a month before ours! Rocking the red hair, but only for a short while!!


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