Him Indoors – Part 5

So today is our 5th wedding anniversary!  Here’s the final instalment of him indoors, while we get ready to go out and celebrate!

If you’ve not read them already, here’s part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4!

We lived in our flat in Worsley for a year, but we didn’t like it!  It looked great til we were living there.  We wanted more light and at least a little open space, so we rented a semi in Eccles for a couple of years.  We much preferred this house!

We had a good few years of early married life.  Sean has always been my favourite person to go out with.  We have an ability to talk non-stop and have loads of fun when it’s just the two of us.  We definitely enjoyed our child-free early married life years!

In May 2011, we decided we were ready to try for our first child.  We were shocked to get pregnant instantly.  Unfortunately, we suffered a miscarriage.  Sean was my absolute rock throughout.  I’ve always wanted to be a mum, so I can’t deny it hit me quite hard.

It took 14 months of trying before we fell pregnant again with our now 1 year old Ella, finding out I was pregnant at the same time as moving in to our first self-owned home!

I love seeing Sean in his new role!  It’s clearly obvious how much he absolutely adores Ella.  He works really long hours, which generally mean he’s out of the house before she gets up, and often home after she goes to bed or just as she’s ready to go to bed, for him to squeeze in a quick cuddle.

As a result, it’s great to have Sean at home at weekends to share the load and for him to get that QT he misses during the week.  And the look on Ella’s face and the giggles from her when his face appears at the door at the end of the day are immense!!  She adores him so much.

He’s probably a bit guilty of getting her wired up just before bed, playing with her and making her laugh, but that’s what life’s all about!

I can’t wait to have more children with Sean.  Luckily we’re on the same wavelength in wanting at least 3 (though that’s easy to say when you only have 1!!).

I truly feel so lucky to have met Sean.  It feels like it was just meant to have happened, that drunken night in an Irish pub!  He’s my best friend.  He has his quirks and annoyances (who doesn’t!  Tempted to list them but won’t!!), but overall I feel really blessed to wake up with him every day.

Happy 5th Anniversary Sean!  Looking forward to many more years of laughter, love and hangovers!

Happy 5th Anniversary!
Happy 5th Anniversary!

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