I am the mum who…

I am the mum who

To Ella…I am the mum who…

  • hates pregnancy – I wish I could glow throughout it and enjoy every minute, but I don’t!!
  • but loves being a mum – but those 9 months are so worth it for what you get at the end!
  • kind of enjoyed giving birth to you – it was very painful, but only took 12 hours and I managed most of it without any pain relief, just a bit of gas and air in the last hour.
  • secretly wanted a girl – you shouldn’t have a preference, but gun to my head I’d have gone for girl.  And a girl you were!  This time I have zero preference at all!!
  • had to give up breastfeeding you – my milk never really came in and I had low supply.  I managed three months before my breastfeeding journey came to an end.
  • did baby-led weaning – you took to food straight away and are still a great eater!
  • Googles stuff – I can’t help it!  Any symptoms, sleep difficulties, problems with eating, whatever it may be, I get on Google.  And, with a lot of issues, it’s really helped!
  • feels like a ‘natural mother’ – motherhood feels like it fits me well.  I don’t always know what you want, but I’m calm when that’s the case, and we figure it out together.
  • likes routine – I like you to nap at the same time, for the same amount of time, and go to bed at the same time at night!  I try to be more relaxed with it, but I know it works!!
  • like my evenings to myself – and this is why I like routine!  I love spending the day with you, but there’s lots I can’t do while you’re up, like work, blog, crochet, etc!  So, I like to have my evenings to get stuff done!
  • thinks you’re so beautiful!  I could stare at you for ages, and marvel at the fact you’re mine and (with a bit of help from your dad!!) I made you!
  • loves your developmental stages – I love seeing you grow and develop and to see glimmers of the personality you will have as you grow older.  And it’s great to start having conversations with you!
  • can’t wait to give you a sibling (currently overdue!)!  I know it’s going to suit you so much to have another kid round the house.  And I can’t wait for your excited face when you get to meet the baby for the first time!

I am the mum who

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