Improving My Fitness With A Personal Trainer

I’ve always wanted to train with a personal trainer.  Someone who can really push my fitness, and give me advice that is specific to me on nutrition.  But it seemed such a luxury.  They don’t come cheap, and I always thought the guilt would be too much spending the money on myself.  But when I totted up my birthday money from last week, I realised I could buy myself something I’d always really wanted.   That wouldn’t gather dust (hello bread maker!).  Or that wouldn’t end up just being spent on a food shop!  So, I’ve signed up for two months with a personal trainer!

I’ve always been into sport and fitness.  I did every team sport at school.  I wouldn’t say I was great, but I wasn’t bad either, and even got to wear an elusive sports tie!  In my teenage years, I’d set an alarm for 6am and do an aerobics session before school.  When I went to uni, and put on the inevitable lbs in my first year, I took up running.  I was terrible at first, barely being able to run 3 minutes without stopping.  But I built it up.  I’ve since ran three Manchester 10ks.  I’ve done home workouts regularly over the years.  I joined mum and baby workout groups after Ella was born.  And after having Sienna, have been a twice week regular at a local bootcamp.  Fitness is part of my life, and I love it!

But one thing I’ve never really done is been a gym member.  I always thought it wasn’t really for me.  That I wouldn’t really know what to do.  And that I’d be confined to a treadmill.  I’d rather run on the roads than a treadmill, any day.  Recently, I’ve really gotten in to watching fitness videos on YouTube and following fitness people on Instagram.  And I’ve slowly become more interested in being a gym-goer.

My metabolism is pretty bad.  In fact, it’s shocking!  I have an underactive thyroid that I’ve always tried to avoid using as an excuse.  While I am medicated for it, I can’t deny that my metabolism is just so sluggish.  Before the start of this year, I’d been suffering with exhaustion, weight gain, confusion, memory loss and anxiety.  A big factor for sure has been the lack of sleep I had in Sienna’s first 18 months.  Often averaging about 4 hours a night.  I don’t have a metabolism that responds well to that!  Now Sienna is sleeping better, I really wanted to make a change this year.  I don’t just want to lose weight.  I want to kick start my metabolism.  To improve it so I have energy through the day.  And that I can get more from life.  I’m a get-up-and-go kind of person, and I’ve found it really hard to battle my tiredness.  My job is delivering training to businesses, and there were some sessions I had to work so hard to think of what I needed to say and I’d become wobbly on my feet.  It’s not just important for my health, it’s important for my job too.

There are two things I know I can do to help speed up my metabolism – build muscle and change my eating habits.  So, that’s what I set out to do at the start of this year.  I gave up refined sugar and took a more clean-eating approach.  I try to avoid eating processed foods as much as possible, and probably manage to ‘eat clean’ about 80% of the time.  I’ve definitely noticed a big difference with my energy as a result.  I find now I can get through the day without feeling more that a little tired, though I do crash by about 9pm!  Plus, I’ve lost some weight too.  Which, after a year of really struggling to lose any weight, is brilliant!  I’m going for the slow and steady approach this time, rather than any crash dieting and fast results.  If I’m where I want to be by the end of the year, I’ll be happy, as I know then I’ll be able to keep it off.

So, the next step is muscle building.  I have been making more of an effort with my home workouts to include resistance with kettlebells.  But I’m restricted with the home equipment I have available to me.  I’ve also struggled a bit with getting to bootcamp sessions, as they are only on at certain times.  With Sean’s working hours increasing, and my business being busy, I found that I was paying for something I wasn’t using anywhere near enough for the price.  So, I cancelled my membership and joined a gym instead.  I’ve absolutely loved trying new things out at the gym and already feel much fitter.  But there is so much of the gym I feel I don’t really know how to use.  Plus, I don’t know how to create the right programme for me to achieve my goals.

And that’s why it made perfect sense for a personal trainer to be my birthday money treat to myself.  I had my first hour long session yesterday.  Really it was only 50 minutes of work, as the first 10 were spent taking down my dimensions.  And it’s probably the hardest 50 minutes of exercise I’ve ever done!  I loved it!!!  I really love the feeling of being completely out of breath and having my heart hammering and my muscles shaking.  And that was definitely the case yesterday!  I’m going to give it my all for the next two months.  And I’m so excited.

Below is my post-first session selfie, and I thought I’d take one of these in the same gym mirror every two weeks so I can see my progress.  And I’ll do an update on here too after the two months (and maybe a mid-way point update too!).  I’m so excited to be a leaner fitter me.  And I really advise anyone to take up fitness, and think about giving up refined-sugar too.  I don’t think I’ve ever felt this good before!  The beetroot red face says it all!




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