Me and Mine July

Me and Mine (July ’16)

July has been a funny old month.  We started the month with Ella’s birthday.  I really enjoyed her birthday this year.  It’s the first year she’s been fully aware of what a birthday is, and mainly that it involves presents and cake and lots of attention on you – all things that Ella loves!!!  We had a BBQ and, while it wasn’t the sunniest of days, it was nice enough to sit out and celebrate our little girl being with us for a whole three years!

We also had the mini heatwave that actually felt like summer might be here finally!  And, we all moaned because it was too hot!!  I didn’t mind at all during the day, but it’s the night time when it’s difficult.  We all struggled a bit for sleep that week, and that seemed to be the recurring theme of the month – no sleep!!!!

Sienna spent quite a few days being very grumpy, very clingy, suffering with high temps and not sleeping well.  So, I took her to the doctor, and it was confirmed she had a throat and ear infection.  I’m quite a naturalist, and I don’t like taking medicine unless it’s necessary.  So, I was actually quite pleased that the doctor said the best course of action was to let her immune system beat it on its own, with no antibiotics.  A few days later, and Sienna was lots better!

And then…Ella got a chest infection!  She was increasingly getting more poorly, and her temps were spiking as high as 40 degrees.  I took her to the walk-in doctors, and they were concerned about her breathing.  It was suggested that she should be hospitalised, but when they rang the hospital to transfer her, they asked instead for the doctor to prescribe her antibiotics and an inhaler.  And a nurse was booked for a home visit the next day to assess her breathing.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen Ella so poorly.  She struggled particularly at night, and there was lots of night comforting going on.  We’d actually made the decision to get rid of her dummy just a couple of days before she fell ill, which probably made things a little harder for her in the nighttime when trying to get back to sleep.  Though she was great and barely asked for it, despite her illness (I’ll write a blog about the whole ‘getting rid of dummy’ thing soon!).

So, we went through a good two weeks of very little sleep.  I’m not gonna lie, it has been really hard.  I’m used to not getting a full night’s sleep.  It’s no secret that Sienna hasn’t been a great sleeper.  But two weeks of rarely more than 5 hours sleep, and more often 3-4 hours, is tough.  Last week, when Ella was poorly, was particularly difficult, as I usually work 2 days a week, but last week had four days of training delivery.  I get exhausted delivering training all day regardless of the amount of sleep I have, so to say I was shattered would be an understatement!  There was one night that Ella was awake 3am until about 6.20am, at which point I had get ready for the day.  And I’d already been in to her a couple of times before the 3am wake up.  I truly am so grateful for having family who are willing to help in tough weeks like that.  Mine are in the Isle of Man, so it’s not so easy to ask them to have a poorly child at the drop of a hat, much as I know they would if they could.  Sean’s mum and sister came to the rescue.  It would have been very difficult for me to cancel training that attendees were coming to from all over the country.  So, I truly am grateful.

Anyway, things are now on the up!!  Ella is getting there.  She’s still coughing, but last night was her best night in a while with only one coughing fit, and going straight back to sleep.  I feel rejuvenated this week.  For all we’re still not getting full night’s sleep, we’re getting a lot more, and I’m back this week to my 5.30am get ups to do some exercise.  I’m just not in the same mood for the day if I haven’t had a run or a HIIT session before the day starts.  Plus, I could really do with shifting some weight.  I feel like I’ve caved to sugary and fatty food far too easily recently, which I know is a direct result of the lack of sleep.  Time to get back on track!

Other things from this month….

We now have a garden that resembles a theme park (slight exaggeration!!).  When we moved house, the bigger garden was a big draw for us.  We realised with young kids, we’d rather have a garden they can play happily in than one that looks pretty.  So, Ella’s main birthday present was a swing and slide set.  It was delivered late, so we actually used it as a dummy fairy present instead, with Ella leaving her dummy in the garden, and the next morning the swings and slide being in its place!

I’ve been enjoying my crochet again too!  I’m making the girls a blanket from wool leftover from numerous other projects.  And it is looking fab, and is very close to being finished!  I really enjoy a good hour of crochet every evening, as sad as that may sound!!  It keeps me off my phone, and I’m not really all that interested in the telly either.  It’s just a fab way to relax that also has the end result of a finished product!

Unfortunately, my phone went for a swim in the toilet.  It still isn’t working, though I’m adamant at some point it will dry out and work again.  Only three weeks ago, I paid £80 to have the smashed screen replaced, so I really want it to come to life again!  I’m using an old iPhone 4 at the minute, and it’s so slow!!  You don’t realise how quickly technology moves until you have to go back!  It’s actually had a bit of a positive impact, as I’m looking at social media far less, and feel like I’m having a bit of a break from it!  I was particularly Snapchat obsessed before my phone went, but it’s too slow on the old phone, so I’m having a bit of a break from it, which is quite nice in all honesty!  Though I know I’ll be back on it very soon!

Sienna is still not walking, though she’s getting closer.  She can stand quite happily without holding on to anything.  She’s not as keen to crawl any more, and stands at the first opportunity that there is something to grip on to.  She holds one hand to walk with you, but I think she could honestly carry on if she just found the confidence to let go.  I don’t want to rush her to walk, but I do know that her relationship with Ella will benefit from it, so for that reason I do hope she masters it soon.  As we know with kids though, they’ll do things in their own time, so we’re not pushing her.

So, on to our family pictures for July.  We took these on Ella’s birthday, so they are from the very start of July.  It was towards the end of the day, and Sienna had been bathed and was ready for bed, so it really was a last minute thought!  I know I don’t do these posts monthly, but I do love having family pics together every now and again.

Me and Mine July Me and Mine July Me and Mine July


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