missing in action

Missing in Action

It would see I’ve gone a bit AWOL recently!  Where once upon a time, this blog would have at least one post a week, sometimes three a week, there suddenly seems to be a lull.  A post when I feel it is essential, such as Ella’s birthday letter, rather than when I want to write.  I’m sorry if you’ve missed my ramblings.  For some reason, the blog has taken a bit of a back seat over the past couple of months.

And I’m not entirely sure why.  Having been blogging for about three and a half years now, I think I’ve just hit a bit of a point where I stopped thinking about the blog.  Ideas for blog posts stopped popping in to my head.  I stopped having the desire to just sit and write.  I think it’s just a case of needing a bit of a break from it.  The photo taking, the writing, keeping up the social media, the whole thing really.  As with any hobby, I think you can get a bit of hobby fatigue, where you do it for so long that you start to not want to do it.

I’ve also found myself crocheting more, which has taken over from blogging somewhat.  Where before I might have picked my laptop up in the evening, or when Sienna’s napping and Ella’s having some chill out time, I’m now picking up my latest project.  I’m making a blanket for the girls from some left over yarn, and I really want to get it finished soon.  I love crocheting, it’s so relaxing, and rewarding to see the finished product.

Business has been much busier.  So, if I am on my laptop in the evening, it’s for work.  And, I used to take a half hour off on my working days to do a bit of blogging, but now I find myself flat out from drop off to pick up time!

I’ll admit, some of it is that I just can’t be bothered.  The girls’ sleep hasn’t been great, as usual!!  We had had a few weeks where sleep was really looking up.  But it didn’t last, and I’m shattered most of the time.  My brain struggles to switch on, so I think that’s one of the reasons I haven’t felt as inspired.

What I do know though is that my blog is important to me.  It contains a lot of memories.  It encourages me to take pictures.  I find writing therapeutic.  It also brings us opportunities.  So, I really want to get back in to it.  I’m not going to push myself.  I think I’ll start with aiming for a post a week.  As I’m writing this, there’s actually loads of things I’d like to write about.  Things we’ve been up to, new things we’ve been trying, favourite things I’ve bought, siblings posts, and lots more.

So, apologies for being missing in action.  I’m hoping now that this post will drive me back in to action!


missing in action

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