Missing My Sidekick

Since Ella’s birth, she’s definitely become my sidekick.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’ve been away from her.  In her first 14.5 months, I’ve been on 3 hen dos away!  Plus a weekend away from her for a wedding.  And the odd night here and there too.

I generally work 2 days a week and spend the other 5 with Ella.  I’m so lucky to be able to do this and manage my time by working for myself.

This week, that’s gone up to 3 days.  This is the 3rd day (I’ve just completed running a training session as I write this) and I miss her sooo much!

Evenings don’t really seem to count!  When I pick her up from nursery she’s absolutely shattered.  She seems to have more exciting things to do there than sleep!  So, while she might sleep for 3-4 hours over 2 naps during the day usually, at nursery she only manages between half an hour and an hour!

So, pretty much as soon as she gets home, she’s in the bath, drinking milk, then bed.

And the mornings consist of dressed, milk and in the car for nursery again.

So, I feel like I’ve had 3 days now with no Ella.  And I miss her so much!

It really must be so hard for the working parent.  Modern society has dictated that seeing our children briefly in the mornings and evenings during the week is the norm.  And it just doesn’t seem right.  The system doesn’t really work to support parents to reduce their working time.  Plus, modern living isn’t cheap!

50 years ago, we wouldn’t have the additional costs of mobile phones, internet, TV packages and so on.  You wonder if we’ve really got it right in how advanced we have come?  Are we being punished for our technological lives by having to work more?

I’m gonna savour every bit of my time with Ella tomorrow and Saturday.  Cos next week is no better!  I’m away Sunday morning til Monday night at a business conference, so next week will be another 3 day working week, or 4 if you include Sunday.

I’m gonna find it hard!

So, a big hats off to all you full-time working mums and dads!  It really is not easy!

A very tired child after nursery! And a copycat dog!
A very tired child after nursery! And a copycat dog!


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