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Nursing Pillow from Pregnancy Pillows

I loved my L-shaped pillow from Pregnancy Pillows when I was pregnant! So, I was really pleased when they asked if I’d like to try out a nursing pillow too!

I opted for a sky blue pillow, and it is super soft and velvety.  And the cover is removable for ease of washing.  The nursing pillow is designed to fit around your waist to support the baby while either breast or bottle feeding, giving your arms freedom and comfort.

The one thing I have found handy about using the pillow to feed, is being hands free.  Though Sienna does have a habit of losing latch, so I do have to keep helping her out.  In all honesty, I’m more comfortable not using the pillow to support Sienna, but to the side to support my arm!  I find this works better for both of us.

nursing pillow

I am probably using the pillow more as somewhere comfortable for Sienna to be sat up and supported.  It cocoons her, so she feels stable and as if she were being held.  I know I’ll continue to use the pillow in this way as she grows, particularly at the point where she is almost sitting unaided, as an extra bit of support to keep her upright.  She is only 5 weeks old in this picture, and very happy being supported by the pillow!

nursing pillow

I’m looking forward to Sienna using it more as she grows!

Pregnancy Pillows are deservedly up for an award!  They are shortlisted in Mumli’s Best Baby and Toddler Gear Awards 2015!  You can vote for them by clicking here!


Thank you to Pregnancy Pillows for sending me the nursing pillow to review.  All opinions are my own.

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