Ordinary Moments #26 – A Trip To The Farm

Ella is really in to animals at the moment.  Reading a book with her currently involves her pointing out each animal in the pictures.

So, a couple of weeks ago, we thought we’d give her the opportunity to see some of her favourite animals – sheep, cows and horses – and take her to the farm.

We went to Smithills Open Farm in Bolton.  And Ella loved it!

She was fast asleep when we arrived,  so it took her a while to come to and realise what was going on!

You could buy a bag of feed on the way in and feed it to the animals.  Ella soon got her confidence, putting her hand out for goats and sheep to feed from it.  She knew what all the animals were, having seen so many pictures of them!

And the best bit of our time there was definitely pets corner, where you were able to feed the lambs and kid goats, hold chicks, bunnies and guinea pigs, and touch owls, snakes and piglets! 

We bought a donkey ride for Ella. She loves horses though has never seen donkeys before. We thought she’d love it. But she didn’t!! She clung on to Sean walking next to her the whole ride! Ah well!! Something to save for when she’s a bit older!!

Even three week old Sienna stayed awake for much of our time there!  And the goats took a real interest in our fab Cosatto Woop pram!!!

Spot the goat checking on Sienna!!!   

I don’t think it will be the last time we go to Smithills with our animal mad little girl!! 


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