Positively Overdue

I’ve said it on the blog many times before. But, in case you missed it, pregnancy doesn’t really suit me!  I love the thought of the life I’m growing. I hate all the symptoms that come with it!

So, I’m keen for it to end and to move in to the far better stage of having a gorgeous newborn baby.

As I write this, I’m 6 days ‘overdue’!

The due date is a funny thing! On research, it seems that ‘normal’ gestation for humans is anything from 37-42 weeks. So the due date is almost a date in the middle based on the average 28 day cycle.

I’ve been reviewing a hypnobirthing course with The Calm Birth School, and one of the things they suggest is renaming that all important date the ‘guess date’.  And to tell people your due date a date that is actually 2 weeks later so you don’t keep getting texts and calls from family and friends asking if you’re any closer to having the baby.

I started the course too late to action this. But I did take it onboard that I shouldn’t focus on that date.

But, of course, I have done!! It’s so hard not to when you really want the pregnancy to be over and to have your baby.

I focused on it so much, that I’ve been pretty miserable at the end of my pregnancy.  I’m tired, struggling to sleep, and Ella has recently  decided to start waking at 5am.  Combined with the hormones, I’m trying every day to do all I can to not snap at people and feel fed up.

Plus, I’m constantly looking for ‘signs’.  The standard question from everyone, and I hold it against no one for asking, is ‘any signs’.  Which makes me think I must be years off having this baby as I’ve not had signs, other than some Braxton Hicks.  I then frantically Google ‘signs you will soon be in labour’ and realise I have none of them, or have had them days ago and nothing has happened.  And then berate myself with the fact that I will be pregnant forever.  And so you fall in to the pit of focusing on that ‘due date’.

So, yesterday, I chose positive instead.  I put makeup on for the first time in ages. I decided to not sit around waiting and to fill the day with different activities. I got some work finished that I thought would have to wait til after baby, so I really can take some time off now.  We had a fab day out at a garden centre, with a play area and big sandpit for Ella, and some delicious lunch.  The sun was shining.  And I realised there are far worse things to wait for than a baby!!

I’m no longer annoyed by ‘any signs’ texts.  I realise, people asking are excited too and also want to show that they’re thinking about us.  And I’m reminding myself that the only ‘sign’ I had with Ella was when I felt that first contraction, and she came in to the world 12 hours later.

I don’t want to be induced.  But, if I need to be, I need to be. So be it, and at least I’ll have a better idea of when the baby might actually be here!

Ella was 8 days late and I remember the frustration, followed by acceptance that I would be induced.  I was so excited when I went in to labour naturally.  So, I think I’ve now hit the acceptance stage with this pregnancy too.  The baby just isn’t ready yet!

So, no more Googling (unless of course I have a weird ‘sign’!!), no more waiting around, no more feeling upset that another day has passed with no baby.  Instead, I’m focusing on being another day closer to meeting our baby, and another day of looking forward to what’s to come!

Maternity Matters~ Ghostwritermummy