This is another post that I wrote ages ago, long before I announced my 2nd pregnancy on the blog!!

And funnily enough, it’s about finding out I’m pregnant!  


As I write this, I have literally just found out I’m pregnant!!

I’ve known without confirmation that I’ve been pregnant for a few days now.  I had a few drinks Friday night for our anniversary and felt sick the next day, more so than I usually would.  Then I had a few more drinks Saturday night and felt really rotten the next day.  I got up and wretched, which is exactly what I used to do when pregnant with Ella – rarely would I vomit, just regular wretching!  I took a test that morning, but it was negative.  Which just didn’t seem right.

This was 1 day after my period was due (though my periods have been somewhat irregular since coming off the pill a couple of months ago).

I still felt a bit sicky the next day (I found out I was pregnant with Ella because I had a suspicious 2 day hangover!) but the negative test kind of made me think it must be in my head.

I had really bad tummy cramps and back ache, as if I was getting my period imminently.  But no period came.  I’ve also had sore boobs.

So, today, Wednesday, I bought a couple of cheap tests in Asda.  I did one and it had a very faint line (barely visible).  At first I dismissed it, but then looked and googled!  Apparently a faint line would suggest you are pregnant.  So I did the other one!  Again, a very faint line.  A kind of squint to see it faint.

This was when I really started to think it was all mind tricks!

I had to nip to Tesco to pick up some shoes I’d ordered for Ella, and found myself once again next to the pregnancy tests!  I decided to go for a digital pregnant/not pregnant (aka super expensive) test.  No faint line then!

And lo and behold, it appears that I am pregnant!!!  It says conception was 1-2 weeks ago, so I really am only just pregnant, maybe 3-4 weeks in medical terms.

I feel a little weird about it!  Absolutely elated of course!  But I did think it would take longer than this, and I’m already overthinking the weekend’s drinking.  Just trying to berate myself that I did the same before I found out I was pregnant with Ella and she turned out pretty damn good!

So, it’s a sober holiday coming up for me next week!  That was one upshot of this month.  I would have been happy either way.  I don’t really fancy being pregnant on holiday, but at the same time, I really want to be pregnant!  Maybe again it’s because there was no pressure that it has happened!

And for 2 months next year, I will have 2 kids under 2!  Best enjoy that holiday while I can!!!


I wrote this before telling Sean.  When he was coming in from work, I was making dinner, Ella was just going to bed.  So, I thought I’d tell him once we’d had our dinner.  He then said he had some work to do.  So, I thought I best leave it til after he finished his work before I told him, or he wouldn’t get any work done.  Then finally, at 9.30pm, he sat down with me and I finally told him, and he didn’t believe me!  

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