Siblings (August ’16)

Hurray!  I’m just managing to squeeze my siblings post in before the month is out!!!  Determined to never miss one of these!

So, I ended last month’s siblings post pondering whether Sienna would be walking by the next one.  And I can now reveal that….

SHE IS!!!!

About two weeks ago, Sienna took about 4 steps for the first time.  She’s been cruising around furniture and walls, and charging along with her walker or holding a finger tip, for months now. Despite barely holding on, she just didn’t have the confidence to let go.  Then one day, she found it.  And we all cheered.  And sent her walking from one of us to the next and cheered each time.  And she was soooo happy!  From then, she’s really nailed it.  I think so much cruising practice has done her well, and she’s already really steady and not crawling any more at all.  It’s so strange to see a baby turn instantly into a toddler, walking around unaided!

Ella is loving it.  It’s like she’s seeing Sienna in a new light.  Like us all, she’s realising Sienna is no longer a baby.  She’s so proud of her!  And constantly tries to hold Sienna’s hand, which Sienna hates!  She just wants to go free.  There were tears from Ella today when Sienna outright refused to hold her hand.

Sienna being upright a lot more has also lead to a few extra squabbles.  Ella has pushed her over a few times.  And also likes to pull her down in to a wrestling hug on the floor.  I guess it’s just normal sibling behaviour, and I’m also sure Sienna is committing it all to memory for when she’s big enough to get her own back!

Overall though, these girls just adore each other.  Sienna is going through a very kissy phase, which is lovely!  She’s always leaning in to Ella, lips pursed, and Ella is more than willing to oblige.  It’s so lovely to see their little moments of tenderness.  Ella is also very quick to try to calm Sienna if she’s upset, and will race to find her dummy to put in (though might be the noise driving her to do that!).

We have a little table and chairs set in our lounge, that I brought down recently from Ella’s room.  Sienna absolutely loves them, particularly climbing on to the chair, then the table, then the sofa.  But she also loves sitting at the table to eat snacks.  I made them both some strawberries, blueberries and grapes.  Sienna sat down first, and Ella moved her chair from the other side of the table to sit with her sister.  Despite them being mouths full, they were having the loveliest time eating their snacks sat next to each other.  Next month, I’ll hopefully be able to get pics of them walking hand-in-hand.  If Sienna allows it!!

IMG_5406 IMG_5410 IMG_5422 IMG_5426 IMG_5472



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