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Siblings (July ’16)

My girls both seem to be growing up so fast at the moment.  Ella is so tall, and easily looks like she’s starting school in September rather than pre-school.  I’m sure she’ll be one of the tallest in her year, despite being one of the youngest.  And Sienna suddenly seems much less baby like.  She is also a tall girl.  They seem to have found a tall gene somewhere between their ‘average height’ mum and dad!

Sienna is still not walking.  She’s getting much closer though.  She can walk holding just one hand, will happily launch herself from one person to the next, taking a few falling steps as she goes, and pushes her walker along confidently.  But let go of her hand as she’s walking along, and she’ll instantly drop to the floor.  She just hasn’t quite got the courage yet to go for it.  She’ll be 14 months tomorrow.  I have a tendency to say to people that I’m in no rush for her to walk, but it is a mini lie.  I think that hers and Ella’s relationship will bloom once Sienna is up and walking.  Though I have no worries about when she’ll hit any milestone.  Each child is different, and I do believe they do things when they are ready to, and there’s no point trying to push them in to it.

I’ve also heard the saying before that they are either walkers or talkers.  Sienna is a definite talker!!  She’s already putting words together!  She can now say ‘sit there’ and ‘come down’.  She’s a mini parrot, and has been from about 9 months, trying to mimic what you are saying.  She ‘sings’ Twinkle Twinkle all the time, and Ella loves joining in with her and encouraging her with the actions!  Ella loves it when she can tell what Sienna is saying.  I can picture them nattering away together in a matter of a few months time!

The girls now share a room.  It’s not for lack of space.  More lack of sleep!  Ella has been crying out for company in the night, asking me to get in bed with her.  And Sienna’s sleep has never really been that good.  So, we thought we’d see if things would improve for both of them if they were in the same room.  It hasn’t really made that much difference in the night.  Ella still asks me to get in bed with her, and Sienna still wakes repeatedly.  But it has made a difference in the morning.  I love putting the monitor on when I hear some noise from their room, and listening to Ella chatting away to Sienna, and Sienna stood up at her cot taking in everything Ella is saying!  They are both so exhausted by the end of the day, that they don’t really have bedtime chatter.  But the morning is their time, and there has been the odd morning that they’ve stayed in their room for forty minutes after waking, laughing at each other, and enjoying just chilling in bed, before Sienna cries for me to come to her, or Ella gets up.

Much as they get on, and really enjoy each other’s company, there’s also a lot of bickering between them, particularly when it comes to toys!  Both seem to want what the other has, and neither of them are up for sharing!  Ella has the physical upperhand, and can easily snatch toys from Sienna’s grasp.  Sienna just uses her vocal advantage.  Wow, is that girl loud!  Her tantrums are all played out through ear piercing cries, that lead Ella to put her hands on her ears, giving Sienna the chance to grab what she’s after!!  The arguments don’t last long, but I’m looking forward to them learning to play together with something!  There have definitely been lovely moments, where both girls will happily play together, though each with their own toy.

And I don’t know if we’ll ever stop asking Ella to be gentle with Sienna.  I truly think she doesn’t know her own strength, and just wants to give Sienna the biggest cuddles, that are just that bit too tight.  It’s all done with love, but Ella struggles to understand how to take a more gentle approach with her little sister.

I wonder if next month I’ll be talking about how they are now toddling and walking round the garden together?  How Ella can lead Sienna by the end on little adventures?  It really doesn’t matter if it’s not the case, but I’m really eager to see them move in to the next stage of their sibling relationship!

And that’s going to make photo taking either much easier or much more difficult!  They aren’t great at sitting side-by-side for posed shots.  This month’s photos are definitely more action shots!  I wonder if pictures of them wondering round together will be easier, or whether they’ll both be off in different directions!  Regardless, I should really try to remember to wash their faces and brush their hair first next time!!!  But that’s real life!

sibling July sibling July sibling July sibling July


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