Siblings June

Siblings (June ’16)

Hello!  Do you remember me?  I write on this little ‘ol blog now and again!!!

I’m really sorry I’ve not been around much recently.  Life has got a bit busier, and sometimes the blog has to give.  And sometimes, I just don’t feel the blogging joy and don’t make time for it.  But then when I write, I realise I love it, so I’m sure after this post I’ll be back on track!

Every month since Sienna’s birth I have written a siblings post, joining in with Dear Beautiful’s siblings project.  Usually, they’re published on the 15th of the month, or maybe a couple of days late at worst.  This month, I’m a good few days late, but thankfully still getting it out there before the end of the month.  These posts are important to me, particularly as they push me to take pictures of the girls together every month.  Pictures which now adorn our walls!

Since last month’s post, Sienna turned one.  For this month’s post only, I have a one year old and two year old.  Saying that makes the gap seem so small, though Ella will actually be three in just over a week.  It is a relatively small gap though, and one that is ever shrinking as Sienna grows.  There is now more and more non-verbal and verbal communication between Ella and Sienna than there ever has been.  Sienna’s words are slowly increasing.  And her use of body language to state what she wants is improving too.  As are the tantrums!!  Ella has been at the receiving end of many a tantrum, as she takes away what Sienna wants.

Ella does sometimes struggle with Sienna wanting in on what she’s doing.  If she wants chill out time on the sofa with the iPad, Sienna is often there in an instant, straining to see what Ella is looking at.  Ella instantly asks me to take Sienna away, and that she doesn’t want her there.  I guess it’s just a sign of wanting some of her own space.  But then, if I suggest she puts the iPad down and plays with Sienna, she often will.  She’s so keen for Sienna to play with her, though it is by her rules!  She will get down on Sienna’s level and crawl with her, showing her where she wants her to go.  She will give things to Sienna and encourage her to use them.  She will explain to Sienna what she is doing and why.  And she will even sometimes read a book to Sienna.  It really is lovely to see.

Sienna is still not walking, though is very agile on her feet.  I think it really is a choice now for her as to when she’s going to take the plunge and let go of our hands or the furniture to take the first steps on her own.  Watching her cruise round and walk confidently holding our hands, I know she can do it.  She just needs the confidence to go for it.  I can’t wait to see how this will change the girls’ relationship with each other.  I think it will make a huge difference to Ella, and will really help her to relate to Sienna even more.  I’m really looking forward to the days of seeing them wander round hand-in-hand.  It will also allow for more creative monthly shots, I’d imagine!

With Sienna wanting to explore the world more and more, and rarely sitting still, taking pictures of the two of them together has become quite challenging.  If I get too close, Sienna will grab for the camera.  And she’s away before I have chance to get any shots.  The pictures are often of Ella saying cheese, and Sienna crawling away!

I took these pictures from afar and have then zoomed in, so they’re a little grainy, but it was the best way to get a shot of them both.  They didn’t really know they were having their picture taken, as I was so far from them, which makes them so much more natural.  I hope they’ll always have these little moments of togetherness.

Siblings June Siblings June Siblings June

Siblings June


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