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Siblings (September ’15)

The past month has definitely seen a few changes in the girls’ relationship.  Ella is still quite heavy handed in her affection with Sienna. Her cuddles really are tight bear hugs! But Sienna no longer minds! While we are telling Ella to be gentle and to let go, Sienna barely flinches!

She’s gotten so big and sturdy. She can take quite a lot of over affection from Ella. Though sometimes Ella does go too far and Sienna cries, which then upsets Ella!

Ella wants to be where Sienna is. She asks for her first thing, she lies with her in the play gym and she sits next to her on the sofa. Ella’s latest thing is wanting Sienna to sit between her legs and lean back on her!  Ella is potty training at the moment, and she loves that Sienna can sit next to her in her bumbo! I can’t believe my little baby is old enough to sit in a bumbo! It just seems wrong!!

And Sienna adores Ella. Her eyes follow her and she giggles constantly at Ella’s goings on. Ella loves jumping on the spare bed in Sienna’s room after bath time. And Sienna will laugh and laugh and laugh!!!

Ella being two means there is a bit of naughty behaviour towards her sister too. She’ll sometimes lash out at her if she’s in the midst of a tantrum. And Sienna has been on the receiving end of a bite to the leg, in the middle of Asda! I know they’ll have lots of scraps growing up, and soon Sienna will be able to fight back! It’s all part of that sibling relationship.

But, for the most part, they are definitely affectionate towards one another and love being in each other’s company!

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