Sienna four weeks

Sienna’s First Four Weeks

Sienna is four weeks old today, and I thought I’d take the opportunity to look back on how those four weeks have been.

We came home the same day Sienna was born and, in some strange way, it almost felt like life just got back to normal!

As most newborns do, Sienna spent her first few days mainly sleeping. And when she wasn’t sleeping, she was feeding!  Sometimes that feeding felt like it was nonstop.  I spent hours with Sienna attached to me.  I struggled with supply with Ella, so knew the right thing to do was go with Sienna’s demands so that my supply increased.

There were definite issues with latch at the start of our breastfeeding journey together. But we figured it out and I’ll write a separate post about that.

Once Sienna emerged from the sleepy, nonstop feeding phase, it became apparent that she is a bit more of a fussy baby than Ella was.  From about 2pm onwards, she would really only be happy on the boob. This time became later and later to mainly being an evening focused fussiness, as she has grown older.

As with most things children-related, this phase has passed.  There was one night where I found it hard. She was even crying on the boob and it felt like there was nothing I could do to soothe her. I’ve not had many tearful moments since having her, but that was definitely one of them.  That night was only a week ago, and since then things seem much improved!

Sienna has spent the last three evenings sleeping.  Granted, she’s still a little fussy and needs a bit of help getting to sleep. But once she is asleep, we have our evenings back again without spending them trying to comfort her.

In terms of routine, at four weeks old Sienna’s own routine is starting to emerge.  She usually goes two to three hours between feeds.  Though this can change depending on the weather, how settled she is, whether we’re out or at home or if she’s a bit hungrier that day!  A feed typically lasts about 20 minutes.  She snoozes in and out in between and has a long sleep from about 12 til 3.

At night, Sienna has managed a five and a half hour stretch, though it hasn’t happened again since!! I’d say it was bliss, except Ella was up for 2 hours that night so I didn’t feel the benefit!!  She mainly goes every three hours between feeds at night (as in three hours from the start of one feed to the start of the next).  So we are currently on two night wakings.    I’m definitely tired, but not exhausted.  I’m probably getting similar, if not more, sleep than in pregnancy, as I was a pregnancy insomnia sufferer!  Plus, I think already going through it with another kid kind of prepares your body.

Sienna usually goes straight back to sleep after night feeds. If she does struggle, just putting the dummy in seems to do the trick!  So, it really is just the feeding bit I’m awake for.

Speaking of the dummy, I’d always planned to give this baby a dummy if needed. And the dummy has been a godsend during those fussy periods! It’s also helped her nod off when she has just had a feed and is still struggling to get to sleep.  I know it’s advised to not give a dummy in the first few weeks while establishing breastfeeding, but we decided to take the chance for our sanity, and there’s been no impact on breastfeeding at all.

Sienna would love to be held every time she sleeps.  And I’d love to be able to!  But I’m held back by Ella, who requires my free hands quite a lot!  And also by me!  I’m not great at sitting around doing nothing!  Swaddling and white noise have been brilliant at settling Sienna for this reason. I’d definitely advise any new parents to invest in something that produces white noise. We are using the Prince Lionheart Slumber Bear that we used with Ella.  And I bought some Gro Swaddle blankets for swaddling.

As with any new baby, regardless of having one previously, we’re still figuring Sienna out day-by-day in terms of her personality and what she wants.  But everything seems to be settling down and I’m loving every minute!

Sienna four weeks

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  1. You are doing amazing with two. Sounds like you have everything in order even if you don’t feel like you do. lol Just gorgeous photo too. Making me broody! Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  2. Ah she is just beautiful x sounds like you are doing an amazing job x I totally agree with the soother.. It saved my sanity too x

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