Sleepytot Lamb Review

Sleepytot Lamb Review

Ah sleep…what’s that again?!!!

One thing it definitely is is something that dominates the lives of parents.  It’s one of the first questions people often ask about your baby – ‘are they are good sleeper’?  The fact is, most babies aren’t!  They still need that middle of the night comfort and reassurance.

Sienna definitely falls in to the ‘not a great sleeper’ category.  Ella was sleeping through for over 3 months at Sienna’s age (6 and a half months), and I really thought it was the routine and techniques we were implementing that made this so.  Sienna has proved otherwise!  Her sleep is much improved, but often gets setback by regular colds.  And we’ve still to have that magic sleep through.  I just don’t see it happening any time soon!

So, when I heard about the new Sleepytot Lamb, I knew it was definitely worth a go!

The Sleepytot Lamb is one of a collection of little fluffy friends that help babies to self-soothe.  The lamb is super super cuddly (I think I’d be quite happy snuggling it at night to be honest).  It’s super soft, and I’ve found the ears great for stroking Sienna off to sleep.

The thing that makes this cuddly softy snuggly even better, is that it has velcro paws, meaning you can attach dummies to it.  The idea is that the baby will then be able to easily find their own dummy in the night, without you having to do the zombie walk and feel around for a dummy in the cot to get your little one back to sleep.

I know there’s a kind of ‘for and against’ when it comes to dummies, plus a middle ground of those babies who just refuse them!  I’m definitely in the ‘for’ camp.  Both Ella and Sienna have been settled with the help of a dummy.  And it definitely helps them to soothe themselves without you having to intervene.  But that does mean they become somewhat reliant on them.  And so, if they wake in the night, it’s the dummy that they need!  I love the idea that they’re able to find their own dummy, and that they have something to snuggle at the same time!

Sienna is, unfortunately, going through a stage where only milk will do in settling her back to sleep.  The dummy does work briefly, but she’s soon awake again until she gets a sip of warm milk.  It’s something I really need to look in to in how to get her back to sleep without milk.  But I know the Sleepytot is going to be invaluable when a dummy alone will do.

Even though it’s not come in to its own as yet on the dummy front, what I have found is that Sienna absolutely loves to snuggle her face against it!  It sends her off to sleep, and I’m sure there are times in the night that she does wake up slightly, and that she then settles herself back to sleep by snuggling in to her Sleepytot!  In fact, I’ve seen her do it over the video monitor while we’ve still been up!

The velcro paws means it can also be attached to cot bars or buggies (is there anything more worrying than the thought of losing a child’s comforter when they decide they just have to bring it out with them?!!).  And it’s super soft if you need a little pillow for changing tables.  It’s also fully machine washable, which is always a must for anything to do with babies!!

Julie, the owner of Sleepytot and one of the UK’s top 100 Mumpreneurs, has this to say about the Sleepytot Lamb:

‘I’ve experienced sleep issues with all of my three children. In fact my youngest is still not sleeping through the night regularly at 16 months so I know exactly where exhausted parents are coming from.

‘The feedback we get from Sleepytot customers is amazing and makes us realise that they are great products that really can change peoples’ lives. This gives us the motivation to keep growing and expanding to reach as many tired parents as we can.

‘We are very excited about adding a new character, Sleepytot Lamb, to the family. We decided on the lamb as we just loved the super fluffy softness that we could achieve with him. Our customers are always asking us to bring out new characters and we’re already planning another new addition for 2016!’

I really do think that the Sleepytot Lamb is going to be a long term sleep companion for Sienna, and something that I hope will allow us all to get more sleep!

Sleepytot Lamb Review

Thank you to Sleepytot for sending us the Sleepytot Lamb to review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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