Stopping Potty Training

The thing about blogging is you get to read a lot of posts on a similar subject. And you get to speak to a lot of people online who are going through or been through very similar experiences with their own children.

One thing that has stood out for me in reading posts about potty training, is that sometimes you have to know when now is not the right time.

Ella has definitely been showing signs she’s ready for potty training for a while. I would often find her upstairs sat on the potty having taken her nappy off.  She has done a wee in the toilet before and a #2 in the potty. And at nursery, she refused to wear a nappy one day and wanted to use the toilet like the big girls and boys.

So, at 26 months old, this week I decided to go for it and potty train her. It was a very mixed week. The odd success. Then Friday, she had her best day with no accidents, although she barely drank anything and only had three wees, all timed when I put her on the potty. I thought we had cracked it. Saturday was a mixed day. Often she would do something on the potty after a dribble and her whinging quick enough for me to put her on the potty. And today, we had only accidents.

Of course, I expected accidents. I do still think she’s somewhat ready. The issue is more her current health and state of mind. She’s been very whingy and upset all week. Her temperature has been slightly raised. She’s been pale and puffy eyes, and has been falling asleep on us, which she never does. And she’s been upset about the potty now and again. Today she was very upset about it. She didn’t want to sit on it. She didn’t want to wear her knickers. And, when we asked if she wanted a nappy on, she said yes. This is a girl who has always fought when you try to put a nappy on her!

So, to take the pressure off her and not cause her any more upset, we’ve decided to shelve it for a few weeks. I’m not sure when the right time will be. Now she’s had an introduction to it, I’m sure Ella might tell us herself. Just wake up one day and ask for knickers on. We’re going to keep encouraging her to use the potty and sit on it now and again. Celebrate any times she does anything in it. And go again at a time when she’s of full health and a happy state of mind.

I feel a little emotional about the whole thing. Part of me feels like I’ve failed her choosing the wrong time to do it. But then the success is that we’ve acknowledged now is not right for her, and to not put her through the upset and distress when we don’t need to. And when we go again, I’m sure she’ll pick it up even quicker. 


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