Struggling With Working From Home

I only work two days a week.  I really shouldn’t moan!  My 2 day a week job is training businesses in using social media through my own business, Sam Flynn Social Media.

I love it, I really do.  Especially the training bit, going out meeting new people, coming up with ideas for different businesses.

The bit I’m struggling with at the moment is working from home.  I’ve done it for ages.  I’ve been working for myself for 5 and a half years now and had an office for 1 year of this, ending the lease when I started maternity leave with Ella.  So, I’m well accustomed to working from home.  I usually have so much to do, I have to just crack on.  Especially since having Ella and only working 2 days a week.  I can do a flow of weeks where both days are spent out delivering training, so when I do get a day ‘in the office’, there’s tons to do!

But suddenly, I’m really struggling with it.  I didn’t really work much at all in December due to illness.  I physically couldn’t.  I struggled through my emails and what had to be done, with my feet up on the sofa.

Now it’s January, and I’m no longer plagued by ongoing illness (touch wood, fingers crossed, pray to God, etc.), I just can’t get in to the working from home thing!  January is usually a relatively quiet month for training delivery.  I’ve got a few days booked in (and luckily both days next week!), but have otherwise had a few days working at home too.

I think it could be a pregnancy thing.  My mind works in a very different way when I’m pregnant (and often not at all!).  I feel different, I act different, I want to do different things.  Because I get to spend 3 lovely days with Ella during the week, I guess I get sick of being in my house!  We do get out every day we have together, but it’s not for the whole day.  We’re here while she naps (and I’m usually working away!!).  And for mealtimes too.  So might only get out for a couple of hours during the day.  So it could be that.  Those who work full time away from their home no doubt love the idea of getting home.  Maybe I just spend too much time here.

I also find I want to make the most of the child free time.  It’s pretty much my only child free time.  I don’t get much of it at weekends.  So, as soon as Ella is dropped at nursery or her nanna’s, and I’m back home, I’m thinking about how I could relax.  A hot brew, some crochet (currently addicted!), catching up on my own personal social media, planning house decorating, and whatever else is just so much easier without an attention demanding toddler!

I also find myself wanting to write more and more blogs.  Every day I think of new things I want to write about.  When I first started this blog, I would push myself to write something, realising that I’d not written anything for a while.  Now I either stick to weekly link themes or write whatever comes up, which generally means there are at least a couple of posts a week, where there might have been one a month when I started.  I found myself today searching for new blog themes to update and reinvent my blog.  It’s another passion and hobby that has become a procrastination from work.

So, what can be done?!  Well, I am getting some stuff done because, quite frankly, it has to be for the business to keep going and paid work to come in!  But not as much as I’d like, and it’s time to admit something has to be done, as I feel really down on the days I’m working from home and find myself procrastinating far too much.  So, from February, I’m going to use a hot desk at least a couple of ‘work from home’ days a month.  This means I’ll be in an office environment, with no home distractions, and only work to do!  If I do this right up to maternity leave (some time in April!) then I’m bound to get FAR more done than I will at home!

And, as ever, writing about it has relieved a lot of thoughts swimming in my head!  I love blogging!!!


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2 thoughts on “Struggling With Working From Home

  1. I know how you feel. I just work 1 day a week at the moment but its from home. I kind of wish I could get out of the house on that day and interact with people about stuff that isn’t child related!

    1. It’s harder than people think isn’t it!! I hate suffering from lack of motivation and I feel like the house is oppressing me! Xx

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