Summer Days, Jumpoline and #EnjoyMoreWater

I’m loving the summer so far.  I really think summer days come more alive when you have young kids.  Mine have been in the garden constantly since the sun started showing its head a bit more.  We leave the back doors open in the kitchen and living room, and they’re in and out constantly.

One thing in particular that has proved a hit this summer was choosing to get a trampoline (or ‘jumpoline’ as Ella insists on calling it!!).  Ella is forever leaping up and down on it, or running round in circles.  And throwing her baby sister around with her jumps!  Sienna can’t walk yet, but she will crawl all over the trampoline, and lie down enjoying being bounced around by her sister!  They also love to load it up with all their toys, and spend ages on there playing with them!


Of course, all that running round on a hot sunny day leads to an inevitable thirst.  It’s so important to keep littlies hydrated at any time of year, but particularly in the summer.  In a poll by Robinsons, they found that two thirds of parents don’t know how much water their children should be drinking and 42% sat that their children find the taste of water boring.

The girls have been trying out the new Squash’d range from Robinsons, and it’s safe to say they love the juices!  The range contains no added sugar, and is free from artificial colours and preservatives.  Plus they are super handy on the go!!  Easy to pop in handbags/change bags/pockets, you can add a squeeze to water on the go!  While Ella will drink water, she definitely takes on more fluid when she drinks juice!  Sienna is quite happy to drink water, but loves a little treat of a little squeeze of one of the Squash’d juices!  They both love the Summer Fruits flavour, and my personal favourite is Citrus.  There’s also Passion Fruit & Mango, Apple & Blackcurrant, Lemon & Lime, and Orange & Peach.


Here are a few tips for keeping kids more hydrated:

  • Try different cups and bottles!  Sienna didn’t drink much fluid at all when she was using a sippy cup.  I bought her a bottle with a straw and it made all the difference.  She drinks loads from it!  Ella usually drinks from coloured plastic cups.  But when I bought Sienna a bottle, she wanted one too.  Again, she’s drinking more at the moment because of her new bottle!
  • Drink with them!  Just as it’s important to eat with kids to encourage them to eat, I think it’s important to all have a drink together too.  Plus, it makes me take on more fluid as well!
  • Reward them!  Ella now asks to have a drink so that she can put a funky fruit sticker on her fluid chart!
  • Get them to help make their juice!  Ella has been loving squeezing the Squash’d bottles and seeing her water change colour!

The girls also enjoy a morning juice session when they first get up, which is definitely an important time to get hydrated, snuggled on the sofa in their PJs with their crazy bed hair!!!



This post is an entry for Britmums #EnjoyMoreWater Challenge, sponsored by Robinsons

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