Picnic In The Park With smarTrike #SmartDiscoveries

Sienna is at an age where she is absorbing everything.  I’d love to see the world through her innocent eyes, and to take in everything around me with the same wonder!

Over the summer, Ella went to nursery for an extra day to help prepare her for preschool.  They are usually both in childcare at the same time, so it was really lovely to get to spend some one-on-one time with Sienna, which I haven’t really done since she was a baby.  Every Wednesday, over the summer, would be mine and Sienna’s day.  And luckily the weather was usually good enough for us to get out with the dog for a long walk.  Because we didn’t have Ella with us, we didn’t need the option of the buggy board for a 3 year old who has the habit of wanting to hop on when walking gets too much.  So we were chuffed to receive a Explorer 5-in-1 smarTrike for Sienna to see the world from a new perspective, to take in more around her, and to enjoy her dog walk in a new set of wheels.

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day out on the train

The Day We Caught The Train

I’ve lived in Manchester for nearly ten years now.  Sean has lived here his whole lifetime.  As such, we only head in to the city centre when we have a reason – generally for me it’s either nights out or for work.  Living closer to the Trafford Centre means that’s our go to for shopping trips.  It’s pretty rare for us to head in to the city centre for no particular reason.

But, last Saturday, that is what we did.  Ella has been in to Manchester once before, but it was a good while ago, and she definitely doesn’t remember it!  She’s never been on a train though.  She was super excited!!  I’m not really sure what she thought the train would be like.  Whether it would be a Thomas replica.  But she seemed happy and intrigued by it nevertheless.  As soon as we were off, she was asking to go on again.  Then she spotted all the buses, and was pleading to go on one of them!  It’s only a ten minute train journey, and one we’ll definitely be doing more regularly from now on.

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wintry walk

Wintry Walks

I am quite a fan of winter, and summer too, and well spring and autumn when I think about it!!  I’m glad we have such differing seasons, I guess!  Winter definitely has its dark gloomy days.  Or days of constant freezing cold rain.  They’re not so good.  The days I love are the ones with brilliant blue skies and sunshine, with a really crisp feeling in the air.  When you can wrap up in a big coat, scarf and bobble hat, and go out for a stomp without feeling all sweaty!

I try and get out with the girls every day when I’m not working.  We have a dog, so our hand is kind of forced.  He needs walking, we need fresh air – it’s a win win!  I used to do the same old loop every day.  But this new year, I’ve been taking the girls and Ned to a different park, one that we’ll actually be living closer to soon and won’t have to drive to.  It has more paths, so Ella can practice her scooting skills (even if I inevitably end up holding it or sticking it in the buggy basket!).  There’s lots of open space.  And I have no anxiety of Ella running away if she’s ahead of me, as the roads aren’t close enough for her to run on to.

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Ordinary Moments #26 – A Trip To The Farm

Ella is really in to animals at the moment.  Reading a book with her currently involves her pointing out each animal in the pictures.

So, a couple of weeks ago, we thought we’d give her the opportunity to see some of her favourite animals – sheep, cows and horses – and take her to the farm.

We went to Smithills Open Farm in Bolton.  And Ella loved it!

She was fast asleep when we arrived,  so it took her a while to come to and realise what was going on!

You could buy a bag of feed on the way in and feed it to the animals.  Ella soon got her confidence, putting her hand out for goats and sheep to feed from it.  She knew what all the animals were, having seen so many pictures of them!

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