Me and Mine July

Me and Mine (July ’16)

July has been a funny old month.  We started the month with Ella’s birthday.  I really enjoyed her birthday this year.  It’s the first year she’s been fully aware of what a birthday is, and mainly that it involves presents and cake and lots of attention on you – all things that Ella loves!!!  We had a BBQ and, while it wasn’t the sunniest of days, it was nice enough to sit out and celebrate our little girl being with us for a whole three years!

We also had the mini heatwave that actually felt like summer might be here finally!  And, we all moaned because it was too hot!!  I didn’t mind at all during the day, but it’s the night time when it’s difficult.  We all struggled a bit for sleep that week, and that seemed to be the recurring theme of the month – no sleep!!!!

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me and mine

Me and Mine (April ’16)

At the start of the year, I posted our first me and mine post of 2016.  I talked about how rubbish I was at keeping up with it last year, and that I’d be doing my best to capture us as a family every month.

And…this is my second me and mine of the year!!  So, that plan didn’t really work!  But, I decided to go ahead and duck in when I want to, rather than be under pressure to get pictures of us together every month.  Every few months is better than not at all!

Yesterday, we were all ready to head off to a party to celebrate our niece’s first Holy Communion.  I was getting the camera ready to take, and thought it would be a good opportunity to get a few pics of us all.  So, I set the tripod up in the kitchen, and that’s what we did!  We also captured a few selfie style ones on the walk home through the park.  I’m so glad I decided to capture them.

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Holidaying in Europe and Our Future Dreams

Sometimes, it’s too easy to look for the sun.  Especially when the weather is as grim as it is right now (who stole Spring?!).  We often dream about heading to Spain or Portugal, getting a bit of heat on our faces and sun on our backs.  But all too often, once we’re there, it’s the exploring we enjoy more.

I love that holidaying in Europe gives you a bit of both.  There’s the promise of all day sun in the Mediterranean.  And then there’s the beautiful cities to explore too – Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, and so, so many more.

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me and mine january

Me and Mine (January ’16)

When Sienna was born, I started getting involved in the Me and Mine project.  I thought it would be a great way to capture pictures of the four of us each month, as otherwise it’s so rare for us to take pictures of us all.

I did pretty rubbish to be honest!  I managed two posts (here and here), and then kept forgetting, left it last minute, thought I’d miss a month, then missed a few!  So, I’m making more of a commitment this year to capture pictures of the four of us, even if that is a last minute picture sat on the sofa!  At least we’ll have pictures to look back on as we grow older together as a family.

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Me and Mine – July ’15

Bit late to the party for July’s Me and Mine!  I only realised it was the last day of July yesterday morning, when Sean was just heading off to work.  I’ve searched through all my pictures and can’t find one of the four of us in July.  Ella was out all day, and Sienna was in bed when she got home, so I didn’t get a July picture.  But 1st August isn’t that far out of July, so it will have to suffice!  I need to remember to capture moments for this project, rather than waiting til the last day of the month!!!

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me and mine

Me and Mine – June ’15

There aren’t many pictures of just me, Sean and Ella.  And so, I’ve decided, now we are a family of four, to take a few pictures of us all together each month and join in with the ‘Me and Mine’ project.

June has been our first full month as a foursome.  And it’s been a busy and really fun month!  I love the seasons in the UK.  It’s great to finally feel that we might actually be in summer, as the month comes to a close and the sun comes out.  We’re definitely making as much of the outdoors as we can, while we can!

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The Ordinary Moments #19 – Last Few Days as a Family of Three

So, as I write this, I’m overdue with baby number 2.  Which means, no matter what, we really are in our last days of being a family of three.

Ella is still so young, I almost feel like I have a baby already!  She is 22 months now, and still needs a mummy or daddy cuddle now and again.  She still occasionally wakes in the night and needs the reassurance that we are not far away.  Luckily, unless she’s ill, she goes straight back to sleep once one of us has gone in to settle her.  She is demanding more and more, and starting to know what she wants.  Her speech is coming on too.  But sometimes there are frustrations when we just can’t decipher what she is saying and what she wants, which can lead to tears and tantrums.

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