mindful eating

Giving Mindful Eating A Go

When you’ve first had a baby, eating fresh homemade and healthy food comes pretty far down the list of priorities!  It’s more of a grab something when you can kind of food relationship.  And the exhaustion often means those food choices are not thought through.

So now Sienna is 3.5 months old, I’ve really started to try and get my eating back on track, and make more healthy choices.  I was really interested to read this article from Legal and General about Mindful Eating for Better Living.  Mindful eating is all about really experiencing food, being aware of what you are eating and why you’re eating it.  It involves savouring your food – the different tastes. textures and smells.  It also means really thinking about what you want to eat.  Is yet another slice of toast really what you want?  And it involves being thankful for the food we are eating, where it has come from and the people who have helped it to grow and get to our plates.

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