The Ordinary Moments #20 – Still Pregnant

There is not a chance I ever thought I’d be writing this as my ordinary moments for this week.  I thought we’d have already had several days as a family of four, and that is what I’d be sharing.

But no, baby isn’t quite ready and instead I’m writing this at 9 days past due date!

This baby has now surpassed Ella for days past due date, with Ella being born 8 days after.  I’ve gone through a range of emotions over the past few weeks,  but unfortunately the overriding one seems to be frustration.

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Positively Overdue

I’ve said it on the blog many times before. But, in case you missed it, pregnancy doesn’t really suit me!  I love the thought of the life I’m growing. I hate all the symptoms that come with it!

So, I’m keen for it to end and to move in to the far better stage of having a gorgeous newborn baby.

As I write this, I’m 6 days ‘overdue’!

The due date is a funny thing! On research, it seems that ‘normal’ gestation for humans is anything from 37-42 weeks. So the due date is almost a date in the middle based on the average 28 day cycle.

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