Kidloland Toddler App

Ella is a bit of an iPad addict.  She’s never really been in to the telly, but is very happy with an iPad in her hand.  I can’t deny, it’s been handy during Sienna’s first year, on times when I’ve needed to focus on her and distract an energetic toddler.

So, it helps when her iPad activity is educational, rather than just distractional!  Ella has been trying out the Kidloland App.  The app comes with lots of different activities, games, stories and nursery rhymes to keep toddlers entertained.  It helps teach phonics, numbers, animals, days and months and puzzle solving.  And Ella loves it!  It’s easy for her to use on her own, without my input, though I’ve also enjoyed helping her out with the different activities.  And I’m sure I will see an improvement in her learning through the use of the app.

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toddler bed

Getting Your Toddler To Stay In Their Bed [VIDEO]

Ella moved from a cot to a toddler bed when she was 19 months old.  She was struggling to sleep all her night in her cot.  If we left her in there, she’d be awake for hours.  But if we took her out and put her in the spare bed, she’d settle straight away.  So, we decided she was ready for the big move!

The first couple of nights, she did great and mostly stayed in bed.  Then the novelty wore off and she realised she could get up and out for bed!  We implemented a technique that worked really well.  In fact, we still use it now with her at 2 years 10 months, if she gets out of her bed on the odd occasion.

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A Little Bit of Life Lately and A Need to Write

I haven’t written as much on my blog lately.  I go through weeks on end where I do three posts a week.  Then suddenly, that flow just stops.  Recently, the flow has stopped.  And it’s not really because I haven’t wanted to.  I think it’s come more down to my own organisation and time management.  So, I felt the need today to just write, and I love a good life lately, brain dump kind of post, so here goes…!

I think one of the main reasons I’m not writing so much at the moment is that, I tend to write a blog post on the days I don’t have the girls.  That’s generally Tuesdays and Thursdays, where I crack on with my business, Sam Flynn Social Media.  Usually, I’d find half an hour in the day to write a blog post for Life of Mum.  But recently, I’ve been flat out on the business.  Not in a ‘I’ve got so much work on and I’m making millions’ kind of way.  I wish!  Recently returning back to work after having time off with Sienna, means I’ve really got to get my name back out there and business flowing back in.  It’s hard work!  I’m creating lots of workshops and online content to push, as this naturally leads to more enquiries for inhouse training, as well as creating things I can sell too.  So, I’m just not finding as much time in my working day to blog.  My business is important to me, and I really want to get it back to where it was.  And I know I will.  The trouble is, when you work for someone else, you return from maternity leave maybe needing a bit of time to get used to the working world again, and managing it with sleep deprivation thrown in, but you receive a wage regardless.  I don’t get paid unless I get work in!  So, that’s what I’m focusing on right now!

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The Ordinary Moments #35 – Don’t Do That

Suddenly Ella is absorbing and using words like never before. She is stringing sentences together and answering questions too (though the typical answer is no unless it involves chocolate or ice lollies!)!

Her favourite phrase at the moment is ‘don’t do that’! I know that’s completely my fault as I realise now how often I say it to her. She’s at an age where she is really pushing the boundaries but also needs to learn right from wrong. Sometimes I have to tell her not to do things, though now she just says it back to me, so it very much feels like it has fallen on deaf ears!

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The Ordinary Moments #18 – Them Teeth

I don’t think you realise how dominating teeth can be before you become a parent!  

When Ella was about 3 months old, I remember us starting to blame things on her teething.  Bit grumpy? Teething!  Dribbly?  Teething!  Pink cheeks?  Teething!

The reality was that Ella didn’t get her first tooth til she was 11 months old! Highly unlikely those 3 month old symptoms were anything to do with her teeth!

Now, at 22 months old, Ella only has 10 teeth.  She’s been slow to cut her teeth.  And she has cut them in a non-typical manner!  She has 4 teeth on the bottom, but a big gap after the bottom two before the molars.  She’s a little gummy bear, and I love her cute little bottom two teeth!

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The Ordinary Moments #9 – Musicality

I’ve always been fairly musical.  I started learning the piano when I was ten, and pretty much stopped playing when I got my grade 8 when I was 17!  I got my own electric piano when I was 25 and tried to get back in to it, playing modern music.  I’m definitely nowhere near as good as I used to be!  And for the last year and a half, the piano has lived upstairs in my office and has gone unplayed!

Our lounge redesign gave us a bit of space back and we decided last week that the piano should come back down, not least because it looks good and provides us with a shelf, so I’ve been trying to get back in to playing, downloading some sheet music for recent songs like Hozier’s Take Me To Church.  It’s been fun to get back in to it, just need to keep it up now!

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Ordinary Moments #6 – Bath Time

Ella has always loved a bath.  So much that she cries when she has to get out.  But recently she’s been hating it.  The change seemed to occur when she was a bit off colour a couple of weeks ago.  Since then, she’s cried as soon as she’s put in the bath until she gets out.

So, this week, to try and break the spell, I got in with her.  I’ve never been in the bath with her before.  I’m not a bath person and never have them (hasten to add I’m a shower person, rather than a not-washing-at-all person!).  She thought it was hilarious!  We were in there for a good half hour and she laughed throughout (hopefully not at my expanding lumps and bumps!!).

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The Ordinary Moments #4 – Buggy Struggles

Ella is going through a typical toddler phase – resisting the buggy!

She’s only started with it recently. Before now she’s loved the buggy and her view of the world as she’s pushed along. She’s in it nearly every day when we walk the dog. And nip to the shops. And whatever else is too far to walk or she needs restraining!

I’ve encouraged her to walk as much as possible since she started (about a week after her first birthday). But obviously there’s only so far little legs can go, and only so fast!! And as my pregnancy continues, it’s difficult to carry her for too long, so the buggy saves my arms!

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