The Ordinary Moments #10 – London’s Calling

In a couple of weeks, I’ll be turning 30!!

The downside is that, when I do, I’ll be 8 months pregnant!  Not really time to go wild!

So, Sean suggested to me that he take me away for my birthday present.  There is nothing I need, but I love to get away, so this was perfect.  But, as the pregnancy ticks on, the idea of travelling to foreign countries is less appealing.

And so it was that he came to suggest a weekend in London!

We first went to London as a couple not that long after we met, when I was only 22 and Sean 25!  It was an amazing weekend!  It was the first time I’d ever been to London, being a country girl from the Isle of Man!  And I loved every minute.  We’ve since been numerous times to visit friends, but only to the outskirts and rarely in to the centre.  And I’ve been on several occasions for work, though never really did anything other than work and head home again!

We wanted a weekend just the two of us, so my sister and brother-in-law kindly came over from the Isle of Man to look after Ella and the dog!

And every minute of it was brilliant!!

We got the train down Friday morning, had some lunch in Covent Garden, some ice cream in Leicester Square, then headed to our hotel, where I promptly fell asleep!  The joy of child free time!!  That night, Sean booked us a surprise trip to see Wicked, with some fab food before!  We were a little early to the restaurant, and Buckingham Palace was just around the corner, so a perfect photo opportunity!

Bump meet Liz....!
Bump meet Liz….!

Wicked was amazing!  I love musicals, and definitely don’t go to see them anywhere near enough!  The staging, the singing, the dancing, all just so captivating!  The only downside was probably having to sit that long when pregnant.  I was stiff as anything after and spent the last half hour fidgeting!  And I think Sean had had enough come the interval (musicals aren’t as much his thing!).

One of the things I really loved about going away just the two of us, was that there was no rush to be up in the morning!  I woke up around 6.30am as usual, but loved just being able to lie in bed, watching telly, reading blogs and chilling out!  It was bliss!

We stayed in Knightsbridge, and were just round the corner from the Natural History Museum, so decided to head there for a look on Saturday morning.  Unfortunately, the low blood pressure I suffer in pregnancy is always worse in the morning, so I spent much of the visit crouching and sitting and being a bit spaced out!  So we weren’t there long, but long enough to see the main things!

Look out for the whale!
Look out for the whale!

Then we went for a stroll through Hyde Park.  The sun was glorious, a really beautiful spring day!  Again, it was nice to have no agenda and to just wander and chat and enjoy the UK sun on our faces!

With my best mate!
With my best mate!

We jumped on the underground to Westminster, and on to a River Thames tour boat.  The weather was lovely enough to sit out on top, and we both really enjoyed taking in the sights without having to do any walking (my back had already started to give up at this point!).

Two loons on a boat!
Two loons on a boat!

Then it was back to the hotel for a quick rest, then out to a local restaurant.  If I wasn’t pregnant, then we’d definitely have been boozing it up.  Both of us love a good drink!  But I am, so it was a more relaxed bit of Italian food and back to the hotel by 9.30!!!  Sean pointed out though that the not getting drunk probably made the weekend all the better.  There was no wasting time feeling rubbish from hangovers, and we could actually relax and rest!  We must be getting old!!!

On the Sunday morning, we decided to go check out Camden Market.  Neither of us are very unique in our fashion approaches, so didn’t buy anything, but it was great to have a mooch round!  And to eat some of the street food.  I had to have one of these doughnuts, though they looked more amazing than they tasted!

They looked better than they tasted, damn it!!
They looked better than they tasted, damn it!!

Then we headed back in to the city centre, and sat passing an hour or so in a pub til it was time to get back on the train home!

We had SUCH a good weekend!  We’ve not been childless for a whole weekend since Ella was about 10 months old, when we went away to a wedding, where it’s still not really time for just the two of you.  So, it was amazing to have that time together, and to chat, and to get excited for our next adventure as parents of two!  And there were so many laughs!!  Is there anything more therapeutic than a good belly laugh?!

Thanks so much Sean for an amazing birthday present!!

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  1. Aw that sounds like such a lovely weekend- how great to have some quality time together. I haven’t had more than one rushed night with my hubby since our girls were born- I would absolutely love to have a whole weekend together. London is such a great place isn’t it? We live relatively near there and used to live there so I have grown up going in- but I still get a buzz even now. x

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