The Ordinary Moments #19 – Last Few Days as a Family of Three

So, as I write this, I’m overdue with baby number 2.  Which means, no matter what, we really are in our last days of being a family of three.

Ella is still so young, I almost feel like I have a baby already!  She is 22 months now, and still needs a mummy or daddy cuddle now and again.  She still occasionally wakes in the night and needs the reassurance that we are not far away.  Luckily, unless she’s ill, she goes straight back to sleep once one of us has gone in to settle her.  She is demanding more and more, and starting to know what she wants.  Her speech is coming on too.  But sometimes there are frustrations when we just can’t decipher what she is saying and what she wants, which can lead to tears and tantrums.

I’m trying to savour these last days being able to give her our full attention, understand her language and cuddle her without another baby in my arms.  I’m sure, between the two of us, she won’t see a massive dip in attention.  And, to be honest, she’s quite independent anyway and not a needy or clingy child as such.  And we definitely don’t flood her with attention either.

I think the arrival of a sibling is going to suit Ella really well.  She adores playing and being around other children of any age, from babies through to her 7 year old cousin.  I never ever saw us having only one child, and it has always felt a little to me like something has been missing in our household with just the three of us.  I can’t wait to see her excitement at either coming home to a baby, or coming to visit me and the baby in hospital.  And the realisation that baby is staying and she’ll get to see it every day!

I finished properly working about 3 weeks ago, though still do a few bits from home while Ella is at nursery or her nanna’s.  The joy of running your own business means you are never really on mat leave!  Sean is also now off work.  He is a freelance site manager, so works by contract.  His previous contract has just ended, so it seems daft to move straight on to the next when he’d like a bit of time off when the baby does arrive.  Plus, it’s given him chance to crack on with his list of things that need doing round the house.

So, it really has been the three of us every day for the past couple of weeks.  It’s been brilliant having Sean home.  I’m suffering on and off with sciatica, and sometimes walking can be difficult.  So the help with Ella is so welcome!  Sean has been getting up with her everyday and I’ve been lazing in bed and having daytime naps.  It’s bliss!  And Ella has loved having her daddy at home!  It’s been great to share the load in these final weeks and enjoy the time just the three of us.

We’d have loved to have been able to go on holiday somewhere while he’s been off.  But obviously, I’ve had no interest in being too far from home!  Even days out have not really been possible.  The weather has been rubbish for a start.  One day when the sun was due out, we decided to head to the beach.  I threw up on the way there, so we had to turn back!!!

Even just chilling at home together has been great.  And doing little things, like being able to go to the supermarket with Sean during the day or going out for lunch just the two of us, while Ella is at nursery.  And going for slow waddles with Ella and the dog!

But I really can’t wait to move from a three to a four!  Not long at all now!!!  Maybe even by the time you read this….!!!

family of three


Family of three


family of three



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7 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments #19 – Last Few Days as a Family of Three

  1. How exciting! and really not long now, any day! Must be wonderful to spend those last few days as a family of three! Love that first photo! I didn’t see you in it at first, until I looked again! x

  2. It really is lovely having the other half at home, especially during pregnancy. I also suffered with sciatica second time round 🙁 it was not nice so I hope it is not too bad for you. How very exciting good luck for your beautiful new arrival. X

  3. Oh what a wonderful way to spend your last few days as a three – and hopefully you’ll be a four very very soon – I’ve gone past my due date on all three babies so I can sympathise!

  4. Such an exciting time, although I am guessing not fun being overdue (I must check on twitter to see if you have had baby yet!) Wishing you lots of luck and can’t wait to hear about your new addition! x

  5. Great blog! Must be close. I was the eldest and I remember only excitement as the others arrived one by one until we were told that mum could have no more – enjoy being four!

    1. Thanks Uncle Charlie!! We can’t wait to become a four!! The baby just needs to decide it’s ready to come out now! Hope you are well!! x

  6. How exciting! I know exactly what you mean about having your own business. I never stopped work either! You just can’t ignore it when it’s your own can you?! We had our second child last April and I had exactly the same thoughts as you, but now she’s here it’s like we’ve always had two! I do make sure I have some time with them individually each week.

    Good luck (or maybe you’ve already had baby!) 🙂 x

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