The Ordinary Moments #20 – Still Pregnant

There is not a chance I ever thought I’d be writing this as my ordinary moments for this week.  I thought we’d have already had several days as a family of four, and that is what I’d be sharing.

But no, baby isn’t quite ready and instead I’m writing this at 9 days past due date!

This baby has now surpassed Ella for days past due date, with Ella being born 8 days after.  I’ve gone through a range of emotions over the past few weeks,  but unfortunately the overriding one seems to be frustration.

I wrote earlier this week about choosing positivity and accepting that baby will come when it’s ready, but then the hormones take over.

In fact, many of my tears over the past few days have been due to a feeling that I’m letting people down.   Deep down, I know there is nothing I can do to get this baby out before it’s ready.  I’ve tried all the usual stuff, and still no movement.  But I feel there’s more than just me waiting on this baby, and then somehow I end up feeling awful that I’m clinging on to it! Mad I know. Hormones for you!

We now have a date for induction. While it’s something I’d really rather avoid, it does at least give us a day to focus on, by which we know that we’ll have a baby one way or another.  And each day brings us another day closer to that.

One of the biggest frustrations has been the Braxton Hicks. I didn’t have any with Ella.  This time round I’ve been having them for weeks.  At 39 weeks, I was sure I was in labour. I had a strong, painful contraction and was ready to start timing them.  I’ve even had a few of them occurring at regular intervals.  Every time, part of me thinks ‘this is it’.  Then they come to nothing!  The biggest teasers of the pregnancy world!

I also seem to assume that I’m only likely to go in to labour naturally at nighttime.  I wake up disappointed that I’ve gone another night without going in to labour, and that I’ll have to wait til that night in the hope of it happening!

So, for now, it’s focusing on that induction date, with anything before it being a bonus.  With lots of walks before then to try and get things moving!

Rest assured that this time next week, there will be a baby related ordinary moment!!!

Out stomping!!

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9 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments #20 – Still Pregnant

  1. Ah bless you, it is so hard going overdue. But rest assured this is an ordinary moment – so many people go overdue and yes, next week you will have your new arrival here! (and probably no time to write a post!!) x Best of luck!!

  2. Oh no, Its bad enough being a few days late, but nine.. Cant be nice and after waiting all that time you just want to hold baby in your arms! Looking forward to the announcement! xx Popping over from #ordinarymoments linky xx

  3. O how being overdue is so bittersweet, you want to savour it but you want to meet you baby because well you are tired and down with all this extra weight to carry around! I too know the feeling of those horrible braxton hicks that make you think you are in labour, i had a similar experience to you at about 38 weeks thinking that was it, but oh no… i had to wait another 2 weeks. I wish you all the best for the next few days/ or week or so waiting for baby to make an appearance and rest assured it won’t be long, maybe even before induction. Good luck. x

  4. Oh bless! I really can sympathise; I went all the way to an induction at 42 weeks with my first, went into labour at 41+4 with my second and at 41+0 with Pip! When it seems like everyone else is popping out babies left right and centre I remember feeling like I was letting everyone down or my body was broken because my babies like to cook a little longer! I shall think lots of positive labour thoughts for you and hopefully it won’t be long now!

  5. Bless you, I’m waiting with bated breath for next weeks post. Definitely not more than you are though. I was induced with my second and I was dreading it, I wanted everything as natural as possible, but it didn’t happen. The induction was actually like a dream, to be fair it moved so rapidly she must’ve been ready to come anyway. I will be saying some prayers for you this week and I’m excited for you all xxx #ordinarymoments

  6. Oh no! I’ve just read your previous post from a few days ago and I actually thought to myself, “she’s probably had the baby now”! You can’t be having much fun now and I can’t even imagine how you are feeling. I hate to say it, but my two were 1 day early and 2 days late. I thought 2 days late was awful so I really hope your baby turns up soon! 🙂 #OrdinaryMoments z

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