The Ordinary Moments #3 – It’s Cold Up North

This weekend we headed up further north to Morpeth in the North East to see my best mate and her husband.

I love getting away from the house at the weekend. It really feels like you’ve had a break! And at the moment, we’re doing the house up in a few places and it’s taking up our evenings and it can be a bit of a mess. So it was good to get away from it all, and to get inspired to do more of it this week!

We left Saturday morning for the nearly 3 hour drive. Ella slept most of the way there and on the way home Sunday lunchtime, which saved a lot of in-car entertainment needs!!

It was a chilled weekend, with Sean doing dry January and me being pregnant, we weren’t there for a boozy catch up! We went for a wander to the park, where Ella froze coming down the slide! I’ve never seen her so cold! She was shivering and her cheeks were going purple!

Ella was so good the whole time we were there. Apart from the odd strop at being put in the buggy, she couldn’t have been happier! She loves company and is such a confident little girl, once she’s figured out her new environment!

And it always strikes me how good a sleeper she is when we’re not at home. She went straight to sleep in her travel cot no problem, and slept all night in a strange room on her own. We’ve had to solve a few sleep issues since being away at Christmas and her teeth waking her in the night, which I’ll blog about soon, so it was great to see she was able to carry this on elsewhere!

Sometimes the chilled non-drinking trips away are the best and the most revitalising! Ready to face the week and get on with our new living room!

A cold wander in the park!!

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