The Ordinary Moments #30 – Walking the Dog

Me, Ella and Sienna walk Ned, our Westie, near enough every day.  It’s always been part of my day since we got Ned when I was five months pregnant with Ella. 

It’s a great way for us to get out but, I’ll be honest, some days it can feel a chore. Especially if the weather’s not particularly nice.  

Since Sienna’s arrival, I’ve been putting both girls in the double buggy to walk Ned. Then Ella will get out when we get to the field and have a run round with Ned. She’ll often stay walking until we get back home again, depending on how tired she is.

This last week, Sienna has taken a real dislike to being in the double buggy. On two dog walks, she has screamed all the way back home. Much as babies do and will scream, I always find it so stressful when in public, and so I rush home as quick as I can.

I’ve decided that the double can go into temporary retirement until Sienna is a bit more sturdy and comfortable in it. And so, future dog walks will have Sienna in the sling and Ella in our Cosatto Woop pram in toddler mode.

At the weekends, our normal routine goes out of the window. Sometimes we’ll go further afield with Ned to a big park. Other weekends he admittedly goes without a walk and we throw his ball at home to give him some exercise.

The weather yesterday morning was beautiful. We were all up, so I suggested we go on our usual dog walk to our local field. It’s amazing how different our usual walk can be when Sean joins us too!

Sean, Ella and Ned ran round and round the field. Ella was so happy for someone to be able to run with her, as I’m always restricted by having Sienna with us. And they spent a good fifteen minutes walking along a fallen tree trunk! 

I love these simple moments of family fun that occur doing our usual everyday tasks. And I can’t wait until both girls can run through the field together.


I only realised after taking this selfie that Sean, Ella and Ned are in it too!!  
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6 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments #30 – Walking the Dog

  1. Looks like a fun day! Sometimes I wish we had a dog! But I wouldn’t be able to cope haha!

    Can I just say I LOVE her outfit. so pretty xxx

  2. Aw I know what you mean, when my hubby comes along to the park or does something that would normally be so normal for me and my little boy it just makes it more special some how. Even though it’s still the usual park visit or in your case dog walk. Love the pics #theordinarymoments

  3. I love my dog and wouldn’t be without her but sometimes wonder how on earth I’m going to continue coping, though getting out for a walk is amazing. Lovely pics x

  4. Aw such a gorgeous set of photos and the weather looked so nice near you. I often wish we had a dog, in fact I would love one, but my husband won’t let me get one until we either get a bigger house or we stop going away as much. It’s such a lovely family thing to do together. x

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