six months of memories

The Ordinary Moments #46 – 6 Months of Memories

Sienna turned six months old last week.  It has absolutely flown.  And yet at the same time, the newborn days seem so long ago now!!  I can’t believe how much Sienna has changed over the six months.  I’ve noticed it far more than I did with Ella.  I think because her temperament has changed so much, as she has grown, and she seems like a different child to her newborn days.

My memory has really collapsed over the last 6 months, thanks in no part to not having enough sleep.  My brain really struggles to work any more!!!!  So, I really just wanted to document a few memories from the six months of Sienna!

  1. Her birth

Well, I doubt I’m going to forget her birth.  Both hers and Ella’s are pretty imprinted in my memory, with only the odd fuzzy bit!  I definitely remember feeling euphoria when Ella was born.  But it was different to Sienna, in that she had to be taken over to the resuscitation cot and I only briefly saw her before she was taken up to special care.  With Sienna, she was placed straight on me, and I had a good hour of skin-to-skin.  It was amazing!  I don’t think there’s any joy like it!!

2. Meeting her big sister

A truly magical moment.  I was really lucky to come home the same day that I had Sienna.  Sean picked me and Sienna up, while Ella stayed at home with my sister.  She was in absolute shock and awe when we walked through the door with a real life baby!!!  Her speech was really only just starting to develop, but she was instantly saying baby on repeat, and said ‘get it out’ to get her out of the car seat to have a better look!  I don’t think Ella will remember a time before Sienna was here, and that’s quite lovely really!

3. The newborn cluster feeding

Breastfeeding can be such hard work in the first few days.  Sienna’s latch wasn’t the best, and each feed was painful.  Then it suddenly stopped hurting, and I started enjoying that time with her.  She fed A LOT for the first four weeks!  There was many an evening when she wasn’t off me.  But looking back now, I miss it so much.  I’m sad really that we weren’t able to continue breastfeeding beyond three months, but glad we made it that far.  Those evenings when only me and my boobs would do, although very tiring at the time, were pretty special to me.

4. First smile

Sienna is the most beautiful baby.  From day one, she just has the most gorgeous little features, and a beautiful big pout.  When that pout started smiling, she lit up even more.  She hasn’t been the happiest of babies in some respects.  She has cried lots, though is certainly breaking through that phase now.  And yet, when she’s not been crying, she’s smiling.  If you glance at her, she smiles at you!

5. The giggles

And, just like her big sister, she’s been blessed with an infectious laugh.  Get her in her tickly spots, and she’ll give you an instant giggle!  But the person who gets the biggest laughs is of course Ella!!  They spend most of every bathtime in fits of laughter, and I have no idea what they’re laughing at, and don’t think they really know either!!!

6. The night time snuggles

What is it about the night time?  It’s like you dread them waking up, but then they do and you get to have lovely snuggles in the peace of night, while everyone else sleeps.  I remember when I was breastfeeding, I used to almost will Sienna to hurry up.  Then when she finished, I’d still sit there for another five minutes snuggling her before putting her back to bed!

7. Seeing how much she adores her sister

Ella is like Sienna’s hero!  I’m sure it won’t always be the case, and that before we know it they’ll be rowing with each other, and coming to us to tell tales on each other!  And Ella doesn’t always have the gentlest approach when it comes to Sienna.  But overall, they have such a strong bond and Sienna lights up when she sees her sister.

8. The way she nuzzles in

I feel such a strong bond with Sienna.  She likes to be held a lot.  And she mainly likes to be held by her mummy.  When she was a newborn, nuzzling her in to my chest seemed to be the only way to settle her.  Now she can settle on her own, but when she’s tired she often nuzzles her head against my chest.

9. That she loves kisses

Sienna has the most kissable cheeks.  And, luckily, she loves them being kissed!  I must give her at least 100 kisses a day!!

10. That she changed everything

Life has been so different the past six months.  I’ve been so different.  I’ve had to learn new coping skills.  And accept that I can’t do it all.  Sienna has taught me that every baby is different, and that each child might need a different approach.  She’s also taught me that if you want something, just scream really loudly until you get it!  She’s so determined, and I hope she continues to be so as she gets older.

Happy half year my little beauty.  I’m so excited for the next six months!

six months of memories

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