The Return of the Dribble Bib

Just last week I was sorting a load of clothes and blankets and the like to put in the loft. I had included dribble bibs in the ‘won’t be used again til next baby’ bag, then took them out at the last minute.

And lo and behold, the dribble bibs are back in use, in all their saturated glory!!!

Ella hasn’t worn a dribble bib since she was 5 months old. But this week it’s like some one left the tap on in her mouth! It’s a constant flow!

There’s no denying this is due to teething. Her nappies went disgusting around the same time as the dribble began. And she’s not been sleeping properly at all. She’s cranky and upset and obviously in pain.

Ella didn’t get her first tooth until she was 11 months old. At 13 months she now has 4 and I’m pretty sure another 4 are going to come out at the same time.
Last night she was on Calpol, anbesol and teething powders but still she woke every hour. Great!!!  I didn’t have to go in to her every time, but I still woke up!

She then completely refused her nap this morning, despite looking like she’d been out raving all night! A dog walk didn’t work. And she was so cranky and my anger levels were rising that I resorted to something I’ve only done once before – I took her for a drive to get her to sleep!! Did the job!

So, I guess it’s just a waiting game for these teeth now. And a tired few days for both of us!

Return of the dribble bib!!

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