The Waiting Game!!!

11 days to go til due date, and I feel like I’m playing a waiting game now!!

It’s really strange not knowing when you’re going to go into labour.  Everything important in my life is diarised!  This seems like a massive event to have no idea when it’s actually going to happen!

I’d like it to be any time next week!  I’ve still got a bit I’d like to do.  Our house is a tip as we’re sorting out the living room – chimney breast has come down, woodburner is being refitted, walls and ceiling need plastering, then painting!  So, I’d really like to get this done before our home is hit with visitors!  All our living room furniture is all over the house!  It’s no really visitor-worthy!  Also got quite a bit of work to do for the business and I keep seeing jobs round the house I should get done!

So, for now, I’m happy playing the waiting game, but if I’m still waiting by the end of next week, that will probably be a different story!  It’s not so much about not wanting to be pregnant any more as just now being really impatient to meet our baby!!  Plus, after scans have shown it’s a big one, I don’t want to give it too much more growing time in there!!  Every day I’m tuning in to my body!  A slight cramp in the tummy (probably from all the spicy food I’m eating!) and I’m waiting for the next one wondering if it’s contractions starting!!  And I’ve started to Google every symptom I’ve developed!  Is baby hiccuping more a sign that it’s nearly here?!  Do my legs ache because I’m about to go in to labour?!  I’m doing my own head in!!!

The consultant decided that despite it being big, I should be able to cope, so they won’t induce early.  They’ll just continue to let it grow!!!  I’m a bit apprehensive about giving birth to a big baby, but have heard it can be easier with more gravity helping it out!  Crazy how it’s so easy for us to gain or lose a couple of pounds.  But in a newborn, a couple of pounds can make such a big difference!

We’ve now sorted the ‘nursery’!  The cot is up and the good news is the spare double bed still fits in there as well!  Will be useful when baby won’t sleep and I can climb into the spare bed!  No bedding on it yet though!  Decided to wait and see what it is and get gender specific bedding.  I’m not really in to neutrals!  And the moses basket is now ready and waiting in our bedroom!  Just needs it’s new tenant now!!

Here’s the current bump (crap selfie but it’ll have to do!!)!




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