Trying to Get Pregnant Again

I wrote a few posts that I didn’t want to release at the time.  I didn’t want to make it public that we were trying for a baby, at least not at the very early stage, as I didn’t want my every move to be watched for signs that I might be!  So, for all I wanted to write about it, I couldn’t post it to my blog!

I also didn’t want to talk about the pregnancy on my blog until we’d had the 12 week scan and knew that all was ok!

This is the first post I wrote that I saved to add to the blog at a later date!  It was originally written on the 19th August, about a week before I found out I was pregnant!

 Here’s the post…

So, we’re raring up for number 2!

We’ve been trying now for about 2 months for our 2nd baby, as I write this.

It’s so hard to know when it’s the right time to start trying.  I’d really like an age gap of around 2 years between Ella and her younger sibling.  But you’ve no guarantee of when that line will appear on the test.

It took 14 months to conceive Ella.  But before that, it was a month to conceive the first pregnancy that unfortunately resulted in miscarriage.  So I really feel there’s no knowing when I’ll get pregnant this time round.

I’ve been thinking about the factors that may have lead to it taking so long to conceive Ella, compared to how quick it was the first time.  It could have been my weight.  I definitely gained weight after the miscarriage, and wasn’t tiny before that.  And I lost a good bit of that weight before falling pregnant with Ella.  It could have been stress.  I was desperate to get pregnant, and it consumed lots of my waking thoughts.  It could have been not cutting out some of the things I should have.  Much as I really wanted to get pregnant, I wasn’t yet at the stage of cutting out alcohol, though I had definitely cut back.  Who knows!  If I knew, I’d instantly do the opposite of whatever it was!

The good news is, a lot of those things are in the past.  I’m a lot lighter now.  I’m not stressed about getting pregnant (yet!) because Ella softens the blow of that!  And I don’t drink all that much, as I have a 1 year old in tow!

But then, it might not have been any of them!

I’m really trying to avoid overthinking it.  I can’t deny I’ve already done a couple of tests.  Coming off the pill lead me to have symptoms pretty similar to pregnancy, so I can hardly be blamed for wanting to make sure that’s not what it was!  Plus, I’m not entirely sure what my natural cycle length is, so I don’t really ever know when my period is due!

So far, so positive!  I don’t want this to go on for months though.  I’m definitely broody for another and I don’t want there to be a big age gap.

But I’m away to Spain in a couple of weeks, so for now I’m thinking about how I can enjoy a few drinks there and not spend the time exhausted and feeling sick, and that’s the big silver lining on not being pregnant right now!

Watch this space to see whether I ended up being pregnant before my hol!


Haha!  And yes, I did find out I was pregnant before we went on holiday and enjoyed my holiday despite the nausea, tiredness and lack of drink!!!

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