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I know you’ve heard me say it before, but I’m going to say it again anyway!  I’m not a fan of pregnancy!  I wish I could be one of those women who glow and thrive during pregnancy, but that’s just not the case for me unfortunately!

So, when it comes to pampering during pregnancy, I’m definitely in need!!!  Tired legs, aches, lack of energy, are all things I definitely need to overcome!

I’ve been trying out some of Vital Touch‘s Natalia range of organic maternity products to help me feel more myself during pregnancy, and they’re doing the job!

Vital Touch Natalia Range

The Natalia range are all organic and focus on well blended aromatherapy and base oils.

The best product for me, by far, has been the Prenatal Instant Revitaliser (rrp £7.50).  You rub it in to your pulse points, and it gives an instant uplifting smell of orange and geranium.  My energy levels have been so low this pregnancy, so it’s been great to use this regularly for a little pick me up (especially when wine isn’t an option!!).  It’s perfect handbag size, so easy to use on the go!  And it also reminds me of being in a spa!  You know when you get the lovely wafts of fragrance that instantly make you feel better about the world?!

Vital Touch Natalia Instant Revitaliser

I’ve also loved the Prenatal Body and Bath Oil (rrp £9.00).  I’ve had a couple of baths with this (I’m not usually a bath person!) and they’ve been lovely and relaxing!  Plus, my skin has felt amazing and nourished after!  It doubles up as a massage oil, and I’m making sure I have some left for the final couple of weeks for Sean to rub my achy back and to help relax us both!!  I’ve used it myself to rub in to my aching legs, and it’s really helped ease them, as well as leaving me feel much more relaxed after!  And relaxation is typically something I really struggle with!

Vital Touch Natalia Prenatal Bath and Body Oil

I also have a Labour and Birth Box (rrp £34.50) ready for the big day!!  I’m really hoping I’ll remember to use the products to help me feel relaxed and in control during labour.  The box includes Labour Bath Ease.  I spent about an hour in the bath when I was in labour with Ella, and it was probably the time I experienced the least amount of pain.  I even managed to drift off in there for a bit.  So, I will definitely be jumping in the bath when I’m in labour and using this to help relax me.  It’s designed to help ease towards transition when in established labour, but also great as a relaxing bath soak after the baby is born!

There is also some Labour Massage Oil in the box, and a step-by-step guide to labour and pregnancy massage.  I’m going to get Sean to start practising some of the labour massage techniques, so that hopefully it will all come naturally and be as relaxing as possible when I actually am in labour.

Plus, there’s a Labour Instant Energiser to rub in to pulse points during labour.  There’s no denying that labour is hard slog, so hopefully this will help me feel more energised throughout.  It smells of peppermint and rosemary, and I think I’ll be using it after to help me through the sleep deprived days!!!

Finally, the box includes an organic cotton flannel.  A soft cold wet flannel is a must in labour!

Vital Touch Natalia Labour and Birth Box

Only a few weeks to wait til I can try out the labour products!!  Until then, it’s time for Sean to warm his hands and get to work on this ever more achy back of mine!!

You can sign up for Vital Touch’s #FreeLife Pregnancy Survival Guide for free by clicking here!  Each month they cover a pregnancy niggle, with 50% off a Natalia product that will help!

I was sent these products by Vital Touch for the purpose of this review.  All opinions and images are my own.

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6 thoughts on “Vital Touch Natalia Organic Maternity Products

  1. The blossoming, glowing part of pregnancy passed me by too. I would have loved products like this to pamper myself with, especially knowing they all ok for the baby and organic too. #Triedtested

  2. It’s such a lovely idea! Smells are so importat to make us feel better.
    I had a natural birth with self hypnosis, as pain management. I used lavender oil during hypnosis preparation sesion prior, and then during labour. It worked wonders!

    1. I’m trying hypnobirthing this time too!! Hoping that combined with the smells make for a wonderful labour experience! x

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