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Welcome Home

Now I’m getting back in to work a bit, since having Sienna, and enjoying a bit more time to myself now and again, I finally get to experience a welcome home when I walk through the door, rather than being armed with both kids, car seats, the pram and whatever else we’ve needed for our journey out!

Having a dog means a welcome home is usually an excitable one!  Ned loves it when we get home.  He jumps all over us (not so great if I’m wearing tights or have bare legs!!!) and is so happy to see us!  It’s one of the blessings of having a dog, the reception they have for their owners on the return home.

Sienna always has the biggest of smiles when she sees me.  She’s a proper smiley girl when she’s in a good mood!  Of course, occasionally a welcome home from Sienna can also be a loud one, if she’s not in such a good mood!  I know Sean often finds himself looking forward to getting in after a day of work, to be hit by a wall of noise as he walks in the door!!!

Ella is just hitting the age where she will run up with arms outstretched and wrap them round my legs, with a big shout of ‘mummy’!!!  She’ll then talk ten to the dozen trying to explain what has happened while I’ve not been there.  It doesn’t always make complete sense, but I can usually decipher it somewhat.  She’s such a happy girl.  She also has a big smile like Sienna.  The two of them are fortunate or unfortunate, whichever way you look at it, to have inherited my big clown mouth!  But hey, big mouth big smile!

And of course, welcome home generally involves a lot of mess too.  Our house is definitely not a show home.  It’s a family home.  And there’s usually toys strewn everyone.  Ella loved her bricks about a year ago, and they’ve suddenly got a revival so are often all over the floor as you walk in!  Luckily, she enjoys tidying them up as much as she does getting them out!

I’m going away for a couple of nights in November with my school friends.  I’m going to miss Sean and the girls so much, but I’m sure the welcome home will be the best I’ve ever experienced!

What’s the best welcome home you receive?

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welcome home

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